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5 lesser-known Instagram tips and tricks you should know


Instagram has become to go-to place social media platform for people who are tired of Elon Musk taking over Twitter and relatives invading Facebook. With more than 1 billion active users, the Meta-owned platform is one of the biggest social media networks on the planet and offers several features, most of which you might be aware of.

However, there are some functionalities you might not have used despite using Instagram for years. From checking comment history to reordering filters, here are some lesser-known Instagram tips and tricks you should try.

Check your comment history

Wondering where the random post you commented on went or want to check which photos, videos or memes you mentioned your friend in? Instagram has a built-in feature that lets users check which posts they have commented on.

To see your comment history on the platform, open the app, tap on the profile picture icon that appears on the right side of the bottom bar and press the hamburger menu button on the top right.

Instagram comment history Here’s how you quickly check which posts you left a comment on. (Express Photo)

Now, head over to the ‘Your activity’ section and tap on ‘Comments’ under ‘Interactions’ Here, you will see a complete history of your Instagram comments, starting from when you started using the platform.

Festive offer

If you are someone who often tags their friends or comments on their posts, Instagram has a lot of filters that can make it easy to find the comment you are looking for.

Switch feed to show posts from people you like

As you start following pages, Instagram starts showing posts from people it thinks you might be interested in. Over time, these recommendations can get too much for some as they might just want to see posts from people they like. If you don’t want to see posts from random pages and people on your Instagram, the platform lets you quickly switch your feed from people and pages you are following to your favourites.

Instagram Feed Switch Instagram lets users switch between ‘Following’ and ‘Favourites’ modes. (Express Photo)

To do so, launch the app on your phone and tap on the Instagram logo on the top left of the screen. Here, you can choose between ‘Following’ and ‘Favourites’. While ‘Following’ mode shows you posts from people and pages you follow, ‘Favourites’ is a list of people you add and want to see posts and videos from. To add people to this list, switch to Favourites mode and tap on the three-line button on the top right of the screen. To go back to your normal feed, just swipe back from the left side of the screen.

Limit your Instagram screen time

Do you find yourself scrolling endlessly through memes, reels and photos for hours? Want to limit your Instagram screen time and check how many hours you use the app? Instagram’s ‘Time Spent’ is a nifty tool that lets you set daily limits for the app and even remind you to take a break.

Instagram Time Spent Instagram has several tools that let users control how much time they spend using the app. (Express Photo)

To use it, go to the profile section, tap on the hamburger menu and on the menu that appears, navigate to the ‘Settings and privacy’ section. Under ‘How you use Instagram’, you will find an option called ‘Time Spent’. Tappin on it will open a new screen that shows you the daily average time you spend using the app. Here, you can set a ‘Daily time limit’, which will remind users to take a break when they spend that amount of time on the platform.

Re-arrange your most used filters

If you are someone who posts a lot of photos or videos on Instagram, scrolling through the long list of filters can be really irritating. Thankfully, Instagram lets you re-order the list of filters, meaning you can move your favourite or most used filters to the start of the list.

Instagram rearrange filters Here’s how you can rearrange your favourite filters to the start of the list. (Express Photo)

When posting a photo or video, head over to the ‘Filter’ section and find the filter you want to move. Press and hold on it and now you will be able to drag it to the left or right of the list. This is really useful if you like only a handful of filters and don’t want to scroll through the long list to find the one you like.

Add captions when talking in Stories

Did you know Instagram has a built-in feature that automatically transcribes what you are saying in Stories? If you are interested in adding YouTube-like auto-generated captions to your Stories, go to the app’s story section and choose the video you want to upload and generate captions for. Now, tap on the sticker option that appears on the top and choose the icon named ‘Caption’. One thing to note is that Instagram can only generate captions if the audio is in English.

Instagram story caption generator The feature is located in the Stickers section for some reason. (Express Photo)

The automatic caption generator can help you save the manual work of adding captions slide by slide to the video and help influencers, publications and pages save thousands of hours in the long run.

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