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BGMI tips & tricks: Top strategies to survive till end and win chicken dinner


In BGMI, the primary objective is to secure a Chicken Dinner or be the last player standing, making survival a critical aspect of the game. Getting killed early can negatively impact your ranking, so prioritizing your longevity is crucial if you aim to progress in the BGMI ladder. As per HT Tech, here are five straightforward tips to assist you in extending your survival time in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Safe landing spots

Certain locations on the map serve as strong attractants for players due to the abundance of valuable loot. These areas are commonly referred to as “hot drops,” and they can pose a significant threat. To reduce the risk of an early elimination, consider opting for quieter landing zones at the game’s outset. However, keep in mind that you may forgo the opportunity to acquire high-quality gear.

Secure gear

Secure at least one weapon immediately upon landing in BGMI to prevent early elimination and increase your chances of securing early kills.

Use vehicles instead of walking

Secure a vehicle early in BGMI, as it plays a vital role, particularly in the initial stages of the game. It can be a lifesaver when facing ambushes or encountering overwhelming enemy numbers. Therefore, remain vigilant for available vehicles immediately upon landing.

Stay hidden

In BGMI, it is essential to avoid visibility until you have a clear understanding of the situation and the enemy’s locations. Refrain from initiating confrontations unless you are confident in your ability to emerge victorious. Even when you identify an opponent, prioritize using cover and avoid standing in the open, minimizing the risk of becoming an easy target.

Check your surroundings

Upon landing in BGMI, utilize the eye button to scan your surroundings and assess the number of enemies landing alongside you and their chosen destinations. This practice will facilitate swift decision-making and potentially allow you to land in proximity to your adversaries.

Keep in mind that the fundamental principle for success in BGMI is to maintain your survival and outlast your rivals. By adhering to these straightforward guidelines, you enhance your prospects of enduring for an extended duration in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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