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BGMI tips & tricks: Best Erangel spots for loots and easy-landing


BGMI, short for Battlegrounds Mobile India, features the highly popular Erangel map, which boasts a wide variety of landing spots and loot opportunities. Playing a match on this map provides an immersive gaming experience, and a single round can offer hours of intense gameplay. For those who seek enjoyment in the game, just a couple of matches on Erangel are enough to fulfill their desire for thrilling gameplay.

The Erangel map offers multiple landing locations, but only a select few can significantly increase your chances of securing a chicken dinner. If you are interested in discovering these optimal landing spots, as per HT Tech, here is the list of places on the Erangel map where you can touch down.

Military Base

To enhance your chances of winning on the Erangel map, consider landing at the Military Base. Situated at the map’s southernmost point, it is a high-risk area that offers both potential kills and abundant loot. The site boasts numerous structures, such as barracks, warehouses, and offices, providing ample loot opportunities and cover.

Sosnovka Island

Sosnovka Island, positioned in the corner of the Erangel map, is a relatively underutilized drop spot. It promises a respectable loot yield and is an excellent option for players who favor a more gradual start before diving into intense combat situations.

Yasnaya Polyana

This is among the largest loot spots, offering an abundance of supplies and gear. While the chances of encountering opponents here are moderate, it is worth noting that the final play zone frequently converges on this area, granting you an advantageous position for the ultimate victory.

Additionally, players can acquire complimentary items by redeeming BGMI codes. To do so, simply visit the official BGMI website, input your character ID, paste the redemption code, and collect your in-game rewards.

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