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BGMI top landing tips: Be the first to loot with your squad with these tricks | Technology News


BGMI top landing tips: Be the first to loot with your squad with these tricks

BGMI tips and tricks for making a good landing (Image Credit: Freepik)

Victory in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) boils down to one crucial moment: the drop. Landing quickly and accurately at your desired location can give you a decisive edge over your opponents before the first bullets fly.

So let’s take you through a guide that will help you make the best start in your next Battlegrounds Mobile India game by making a good drop and choosing a wise landing spot.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Best landing tips

Choosing the right spot: Selecting a landing spot is a pivotal decision influencing early fights and overall survival. Optimal loot availability, including weapons as well as utilities such as Smoke Grenades, Frag Grenades, and Healing supplies, should dictate your choice. Pochinki and Sosnovka Military Base emerge as top spots for comprehensive loot for your entire team, but beware as these locations can also attract other players in the game.

Map size consideration: On larger maps like Erangel and Miramar, the availability of vehicles like Buggy, Dacia, and UAZ becomes vital for traversing significant distances. These vehicles not only facilitate movement but also offer cover in open areas during the final circles.

Alignment with plane path: Ensure your chosen drop location aligns with the plane path for efficient gliding. The flight path determines where players land on the map, influencing early-game tactics.

Distance dictates dive: Different distances demand different tactics. For rapid descents between 750-1500 meters, fly straight initially, then switch to a 45-degree dive at a calculated distance based on your target location.

Maximum glide (3000 meters): Patience is key. Wait until your desired spot reaches a 90-degree angle, then jump straight up and deploy your parachute immediately. Glide effortlessly without touching the joystick for maximum speed.

Close encounters (780 meters): Jump out at 780 meters and fly sideways with a slight 45-degree tilt for lightning-fast landings.

Zoom in to conquer: Before marking your landing point, zoom in on the mini-map for pinpoint accuracy. A well-placed marker is crucial for a successful drop.

Phone poise: Maintain a stable phone and keep the camera fully down during sideways flight for optimal speed (234 km/hour!).

Teamwork makes the landing work: Communicate with your squad, assess the surroundings, and synchronise your drops. Consider jumping earlier than usual to land together.

Hone your skills in various scenarios, and soon, you’ll be dropping into prime locations before your opponents even blink. Remember, every swift landing is a step closer to BGMI domination. Good luck on the battlefield!


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