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Instagram tips and tricks: Want more views on your Instagram Reels? Here’s how you can do it


Instagram tips and tricks: The social media platform introduced its Reels feature back in 2020, as a direct competitor to TikTok. Now, the platform has gained worldwide popularity with millions of people watching Instagram Reels. Although Instagram already had a video story feature with a 15-second limit, Reels are considered a better format due to their longer duration and advanced editing tools. Recently, Instagram even increased the reels duration to 90 seconds.

Instagram Reels allows you to record videos and put audio over it. You can choose from an extensive database of tracks already present on Instagram or choose your own. To customize, you can take advantage of various filters, effects and AR masks present on Instagram as well as utilize transitions and Remix options to make your reels uniquely creative.

However, if you’ve been struggling with views on your Instagram Reels, we’ve got some tips and tricks which you can follow to gain more engagements on your reels.

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How to increase views on Instagram Reels

1. Use popular and engaging audio tracks

You can add popular songs or music to your reels to get more views. Recently released tracks or audio that is already trending on other reels can be used to gain even more views on reels.

2. Create engaging content

Create creative reels that bring a wider audience to your reels. Search about trending and popular topics and create content on the same to gain more views.

3. Use appropriate hashtags

Use the appropriate hashtags on your reels to make it easily discoverable on people’s Instagram feed. Try to use the relevant hashtags and maximize them to increase your viewer base.

4. Upload Reels on a consistent basis

If you’re a content creator, then you must post reels on a consistent basis to engage viewers. Be it daily, every alternate day or every week, follow a proper schedule instead of uploading reels randomly.

5. Write engaging captions

Write engaging captions on your reels to attract people. Keep them short but creative.


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