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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps available on the internet. The popularity of the app has shot up a lot since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) lockdown has been implemented. Due to people practising social distancing, many are doing live videos on Instagram to stay connected to people. According to the company, India has seen an increase of more than 60 per cent in people watching live videos.

* Tap the top left corner of your feed.

* In the options scroll down and find the ‘Live’ button and press it.

* This will start the live video with you as the host.

* To end the live video you need to tap the ‘End’ option on the top right corner and then press confirm.

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* After that, you can press on the top left to save the live video in your camera roll or add it to your story.

Given lot of people are going live daily and seeing that might encourage you to try doing a live video. If you are intrigued and want to do a live video, here’s how you can prepare it to be extremely engaging.

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Make a countdown

To increase the visibility of your live video you have to let all your followers know when you are going to go live. To do this you can make a story with a countdown timer sticker. This will let your followers know when they can tune in to your live video. For example, you can post your countdown timer a day before you have to go live, and as soon as it ends, your live video can start.

Connection speed test

During this lockdown, a lot of people are suffering from slow internet speeds across the country. To ensure that your live video doesn’t get cut short, due to poor connectivity, make sure you test out your network speeds beforehand. Here is a list of websites that you can test your network speeds on. There you need to focus on the amount of upload speed you are getting and the ping.

Download speeds do not matter that much while going live. If all is fine in that department, do a random live or a video call with a friend on Instagram to test your video quality on the network. If every test runs positive then you can go ahead with your scheduled live.

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Longer sessions are key

Even though you have announced when you will go live, not all people come to watch at the beginning. Even Instagram takes a few minutes before sending your followers a notification about your live video. So we recommend that you don’t stop your live within 10 minutes or even 15. It is recommended that you continue your live for at least 20 minutes so that people have a chance to join in and not get left out. You can also test the limits and do a live video of an hour, which is the maximum amount of time Instagram allows as of now.

Engage the audience

Doing a live video without interacting with followers makes for really boring content and will amount to people not coming to watch your live in the future. The easiest way to interact with your followers is to ask them questions. You can do so by narrating the questions or adding the question sticker to your video. Another cool way to interact with the audience is allowing them to ask you questions by commenting on the video.

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Collaborations are not only for YouTube

Instagram, Instagram live video, Instagram tips and tricks, Instagram live video tips and tricks, How to start Instagram live video, Instagram new features Showing up in other people’s live videos gets you a chance to impress their followers and to make them follow you. (Image: Instagram)

Inviting another user to be in your live video gives your followers a surprise as they get more content to consume. It also expands your reach as  the other person’s followers see you during the live and might decide to follow you as well. The same will also be true for the other person.

It’s a live video, do not try to script it

A live video is about being yourself and is not a YouTube video or an IGTV video that needs to be scripted and produced. The beauty of a live video is that you can go into the video without any preparation and start talking to your followers and let the video flow naturally. Don’t let the followers feel as if the video is scripted or pre-recorded as it would make the video monotonous and they might tend to leave. Simply, just hold your mobile start the video and go ahead start speaking.

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Acknowledging your followers

Every time a new follower joins your live video just acknowledge them by saying Hi. This will make them feel a part of the video and will make it easy for them to comment and ask you questions. And once they start engaging they will not tend to leave till the video is ended by you. It will also make them want to join your next live video.

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