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11 Best OnePlus 11 Tips, Tricks, and Settings You Should Know


The OnePlus 11 is the latest flagship from the house of OnePlus. It comes with the latest Snapdragon processor, flagship cameras, a stunning design, and amazing battery life. What’s more, the device also comes with OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13 out of the box. OxygenOS packs in a ton of features that make your OnePlus 11’s user experience even better. However, if you want to get the most out of your phone, it’s best if you know all the cool OnePlus 11 tips and tricks.

Worry not, we’ve curated our list of the best settings, tips, and tricks that every OnePlus 11 user should know. But before we get started, you might want to check out the following:

1. Check Your Battery Health

Similar to Apple iPhones, OnePlus has now added a setting inside the battery section that allows you to easily view the battery health percentage. This is a good indication of how long you can expect your battery to last, along with when you should get your battery replaced.

To check your OnePlus 11’s battery health, open the Settings app and scroll down to the Battery section and tap on it. Now, tap on Battery health.

You can now view the maximum capacity of your phone’s battery.

Ideally, you should consider getting the battery replaced should the battery health fall below 90 percent.

2. Make use of Wise Charging

OnePlus has added a smart charging mode to enhance your battery’s health. The way it works is that it will fast charge the device to 80 percent. Once done, the phone will then learn a user’s usage patterns and charge the device from 80-100 percent accordingly. Interestingly, it can be enabled for charging at night, or all through the day.

To enable it, head over to Settings > Battery > Battery health, and tap on Wise charging.

You can now choose between keeping the feature off, working at night, or keeping it on all day.

3. Customize Dark Mode

Most of us love to use dark mode on our devices. And with the OnePlus 11 utilizing a display of the AMOLED variety, using the dark mode also furthers the handset’s battery life. With the OnePlus 11, not only do you get a pretty useful dark mode, but you can also fine-tune to it your liking.

To enable the dark mode, head over to Settings > Display and brightness, and tap on Dark mode.

This will enable the Dark mode on your device.

Surprisingly, you can also schedule the dark mode to apply automatically. To do that, tap on Scheduled, and then enable the toggle. You can now have the dark mode enabled automatically from sunset to sunrise, or even set a custom time for both Light mode and Dark mode.

What’s more, is that you can further customize the look of the dark mode as well. Swipe back and then tap on Dark mode settings to reveal more options.

Here, you can toggle between an Enhanced look for deeper blacks, or switch to Medium or Gentle presets for relaxed greys. Additionally, you can also adjust wallpapers and icons to the dark mode, along with forcing dark mode for third-party apps.

4. Customize the OnePlus Shelf

The whole point of using smartphones is that you can use them for various tasks, right? Be it scheduling a meeting, taking quick notes, keeping a tab on your daily steps, and whatnot. If you’d like to access all these features on a single page, you have to check out the Shelf feature inside OxygenOS.

Shelf basically gives you quick access to search, weather, toolbox, notes, sports, and other widgets on a single page, making them easier to access.

To enable OnePlus Shelf, head over to Settings > Home screen & Lock screen and tap on Swipe down on Home Screen.

From here, tap on Shelf to select it.

And that’s it! Now whenever you are on your home screen, just swipe down anywhere to quickly access the OnePlus Shelf.

5. Make Use of RAM Expansion

The OnePlus 11 comes in two different variants of 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM. However, you can add more RAM to your device by using the RAM Expansion feature.

To enable this, head over to Settings > About device and tap on RAM.


Now, enable the toggle next to RAM Expansion. You can even adjust the slider to allot the amount of RAM you’d like to expand, such as 4 GB, 8 GB, or 12 GB.

Do note that the RAM expansion feature works on the principle of Virtual RAM, which takes up your storage space. We’ve already talked about virtual RAM in detail, so only enable the feature on your OnePlus 11 if you have storage space to sacrifice.

6. Hide Apps

Another nifty OnePlus 11 tip is to enable the Hide Apps feature, especially since we are all concerned about our privacy. After all, we install apps that we don’t want anyone else using our phones to see.

Unlike other brands that create a separate smart folder for hidden apps, OxygenOS does things differently. Instead, you can just dial your secret code from the phone’s dialer to access your list of hidden apps.

To enable this feature, head over to Settings > Privacy, and tap on the Privacy header.

Now, tap on Hide Apps. This will initiate the process of setting a secret code. Once done, you can then select the apps that you wish to hide.

With everything set up, you can easily access your hidden apps by opening the phone’s dialer and entering your secret code there. Pretty cool, no?

7. Quickly Launch Apps from the Lock Screen

We all love shortcuts, right? Well, did you know that with the OnePlus 11, you can access app shortcuts right from the fingerprint scanner?

To do so, you need to tap and hold your finger on the scanner. The phone will then unlock and take you to a quick action menu of sorts to easily launch your favorite apps.

To enable it, just head over to Settings > Special features, and then tap on Quick launch.

Once you’ve enabled the toggle, tap on the Edit option below it. Here, you can add all the apps you’d like to have quick access to, and assign their order as well.

And that’s it. Now each time you try and unlock your phone with the fingerprint scanner, you can access this menu to quickly jump to your favorite apps.

8. Use One-Handed Mode

The OnePlus 11 has a huge 6.7-inch display, and using it with a single hand can be a tedious task at times. This is especially true if you’re someone with small hands.

Thankfully, the One-Handed mode is another one of the nifty OnePlus 11 settings. As you may have guessed, it shrinks down the content of the display to the bottom half of the panel, making it easier to access with a single hand.

To enable the One-handed mode, head over to Settings > Additional Settings > One-handed mode.

Now, just toggle the switch for One-handed Mode to enable it.

Once enabled, you can trigger the One-handed mode by simply swiping down on the bottom of the screen.

To exit the mode, simply tap on the empty screen space above.

9. Customize the Haptic Feedback

The OnePlus 11 comes with an improved haptic motor with refined feedback. However, OnePlus takes things a step further by also allowing the user to customize the vibration intensity and feel for a more personalized touch.

To do that, head over to Settings > Sound & vibration and scroll down. Then, tap on Haptics and tones.

From here, you can customize the intensity of the haptic feedback as per your liking. What’s more, you can even choose how the touches feel by flipping between the Crisp and Gentle presets.

10. Customize the Power Button

By default, when you hold down the power button, it will trigger the Google Assistant on your OnePlus 11. And it can seem off-putting to some users, who would rather have the power menu there. Thankfully, OnePlus lets you customize this feature.

Just head over to Settings > Additional Settings and then tap on Power Button.

Now, tap on Press, and hold the Power Button and select Power Menu.

And that’s it. Now, each time you hold down the Power button, it will open up the power menu.

11. Enable Smart Sidebar

The OnePlus 11 also comes with a smart sidebar. This feature allows you to quickly launch your favorite apps, open apps in a floating window or split screen, and even get smart recommendations based on your current activity.

To enable the Smart Sidebar, head over to Settings > Special features and tap on Smart Sidebar.

Now, tap on the toggle next to Smart Sidebar to enable it.

Once done, swipe inwards from the upper right edge of the screen. You can then tap on Edit to add various apps and tools to the Smart Sidebar, based on your preferences.

Supercharge Your Experience with These OnePlus 11 Tips and Tricks

The number of features that OxygenOS has up its sleeves is endless. The good part is that OnePlus has done a great job of making everything accessible and intuitive for the user. That being said, the above-mentioned features are some of the best OnePlus 11 tricks that should appeal to every user out there.

Personally, I find the addition of the battery health features a nice touch. Which OnePlus 11 feature is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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