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Three WhatsApp tricks you NEED to know – including fun ‘strikethrough’ font


WHATSAPP has tonnes of fun tricks and features, including the ability to quickly change how your texts look.

Handy text shortcuts that many users don’t know about allow you to type in bold, underline part of a sentence, and more.

TikTok star TA Tech Tips shares app hacks with his followersCredit: TikTok

British TikTok star TA Tech Tips highlighted three handy WhatsApp hacks in a recent video shared with his 630,000 followers.

They’re quick and easy shortcuts that allow you to make a sentence or word appear in bold, italics, or strikethrough.

The clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on the platform popular with teens and celebs.

Make a sentence or word bold

Making a sentence or word bold is a great way to add some emphasis to certain parts of a message: bold.

It can also make a message stand out, which can be handy in group chats.

You can go through the faff of tapping away at your smartphone keyboard to achieve the effect – or use this handy shortcut.

All you need to do is place an asterisk on either side of the word or phrase you’re trying to embolden, like so: *text goes here*

That’ll make your message appear bold for you and for everyone else who sees it.

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How to make WhatsApp text italics

Similarly, it’s also possible to make WhatsApp message italics, which is great for emphasis: italics.

It works in exactly the same was as the bold trick, but using different symbols.

You need to place an underscore on either side of the word or phrase you’re trying to edit, like this: _text goes here_

How to do a WhatsApp text strikethrough

The strikethrough features draws a line all the way through your text: strikethrough.

It’s usually used to signify that something is wrong, or should be ignored.

To get a strikethrough, place a tilde (that’s that squiggly line symbol) either side of your message, like this: ~text goes here~

But here’s one you can’t do…

Sadly, it’s impossible to underline text on WhatsApp: underline.

The company simply hasn’t added the feature, which means you’ll just have to settle for the other formatting methods instead.

The tech guru shared a handful of little-known WhatsApp tricks in his latest videoCredit: TikTok

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