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WhatsApp tips and tricks: Find out who your best friend is


WhatsApp tips and tricks: There is a feature on WhatsApp that can really give some inkling about who is the one that is closest to you. The process is so simple and easy, it just takes a few clicks.

Almost everyone is on social media these days and in fact, more than anything else, in this lockdown era, it just shows that you, and everybody else, is looking for companionship in a safe, socially distanced way. Also, it is a great way to seek help when you are in need. However, can you tell who is your best friend on WhatsApp? You may exchange a lot of messages with tons of people, but is there someone out there in your WhatsApp contacts list, who is the closest to you?

Well, there is an easy way to find out and you yourself will be able to quickly judge who it is. Now, remember, this is not a qualitative test, It is more of a quantity test that everyone will have to undergo individually. It will also bring into focus a WhatsApp feature that was not meant exactly for the purpose we are putting it to. Nevertheless, that is why the phrase WhatsApp tips and tricks was created in the first place.

So, take this DIY test and give your social life on WhatsApp an interesting twist. For starters, open your WhatsApp account on your smartphone and go straight to the Settings tab.

When it opens, click on the Storage and Data tab, which tells you about your network usage and auto downloads. Thereafter click on Manage storage. Here you will see listed all your chats and photos.

Just below the photos, you will see Chats. The one right on top will probably be that of the person you have interacted with the most over a long period of time. This is based on one simple fact – the person concerned has sucked up more storage space than anyone else! And that is probably the person who is your best friend – your bestie or BFF.

However, in case you find that the top person on the list is actually a business associate/group, then that would surely indicate the poor condition of your social life, on WhatsApp at least.

This WhatsApp feature, however, has another more prosaic function. It is actually a feature that allows you to track your storage. You can delete the chats that are eating the most storage.

So, how do you delete these WhatsApp media chats? Simply by clicking on the one you want to get rid of. It opens in a new window and shows all the files there from that one person or group. You can Select all, one or as many as you want and delete them.


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