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Tips and tricks: How to read WhatsApp messages secretly without letting the sender know


New Delhi,UPDATED: Jun 18, 2023 18:30 IST

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that enables users to communicate with their friends and family. While privacy should always be respected, there may be circumstances where you want to read messages discreetly. In this article, we will explore methods for reading WhatsApp messages without notifying the sender.

Method 1: Disable Read Receipts

WhatsApp features a “Read Receipts” option that lets senders know when their message has been read. By disabling this feature, you can read messages privately. Here’s how:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
  2. Tap on “Account” and select “Privacy.”
  3. Disable the “Read Receipts” option.
  4. Remember that by disabling read receipts, you won’t be able to see if others have read your messages as well.

Method 2: Use WhatsApp Widgets

Widgets on your smartphone’s home screen can display WhatsApp messages without opening the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Long-press on an empty area of your home screen.
  2. Tap on “Widgets” or a “+” icon, depending on your device.
  3. Look for the WhatsApp widget and drag it to the desired location.
  4. Resize the widget as needed.
  5. Now, you can discreetly read messages without the need to open the WhatsApp app and trigger read receipts.

Method 3: Utilize Airplane Mode

This method allows you to read WhatsApp messages without the sender being notified by taking advantage of the Airplane Mode feature. Here’s what to do:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode on your smartphone.
  2. Open WhatsApp and read the desired messages.
  3. Close the app and fully exit it.
  4. Disable Airplane Mode to reconnect to the network.
  5. By reading messages in Airplane Mode, the sender won’t receive any read receipts. However, this method is not recommended for ongoing conversations since you won’t be able to receive new messages until you turn off Airplane Mode.

While it’s crucial to respect others’ privacy, understanding how to read WhatsApp messages discreetly can be useful in certain situations. By disabling read receipts, utilizing WhatsApp widgets, or temporarily enabling Airplane Mode, you can read messages privately without notifying the sender. However, you must remember to use these methods responsibly and respect others’ boundaries.


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