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Tips, Tricks And Tech That Will Turn You Into A Professional


Photography. This is the art or practice of taking photographs. Sounds like a simple process but it really isn’t. For those who have taken selfies, we all know how many selfies we need to take before we get the perfect one. Without the right information, education and practice, photography can be hard.

Social pressures don’t make it any easier. Some people take such amazing pictures and it leaves you wondering, “how did you do this?” Well here are a few tricks to help you step up your photography game and look and feel like a professional.

It all works, whether you’re using your phone, a mirroless or DSLR camera so worry not. Take a seat and let’s get down to turning you into a professional.

All cameras have an auto mode but you can easily swivel over to manual or pro mode. That’s where these tips come in handy

Rule of Thirds In Photography

Imagine four lines, two running horizontally across the image and two vertical, creating nine squares. Instead of always placing your subject at the centre, try moving it to one of the intersecting points of the imaginary lines.  This makes the image tell a better story and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.


Image Courtesy Clicking Moms

Focus and Camera Shake

Shaky photos never put a smile on anyone’s face. One of the best ways to reduce this is to practice how to hold your camera. The steadier you are, the more in focus your pictures will be. Make sure to always use both hands.

A more technical approach is to make sure your shutter speed is not too low if you are shooting handheld. (You can find this in the pro mode of your smartphone camera) If you are using a 100mm lens, your shutter speed should be no lower than 1/100th of a second.

If you’re taking many pictures or videos, it is also advisable to get a tripod. This allows you to have low shutter speeds and still have steady pictures.

This helps your photos be crisp and clear. Pro modes also help you balance the exposure and contrast during brighter than normal days.

Camera Against Harsh light

Photography Exposure Triangle

Using Automatic Mode will, of course, take care of these settings but sometimes you want a picture to look a certain way. When you learn and master the triangle, this should turn you into the professional you want to be.

This will help you create blur, lighting and sense of depth effects to help your pictures look better.


Image Courtesy Action Camera


Pick out simple backgrounds, gear and props that need to be in your shot. You don’t have to have the latest tech or the most expensive camera to get good shots. Using smaller lights and makeshift tripods can still create fantastic artwork.

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When you focus on them, the picture draws you closer and highlights a sense of emotion. From the eyes, you can depict happiness, sorrow, joy, anger, sadness, hope, among other emotions. This is a great technique to tell your story through pictures.


Image Courtesy iipvapi

Practice makes perfect. Try out these techniques and see your work go from 0-100 real quick!


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