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6 tips and tricks that all Gmail users should try out


New Delhi,UPDATED: Aug 1, 2023 11:35 IST

Most of our professional lives go in, well, responding to emails and managing that massive mail box. But, what if there were ways to speed up things so that you could spend minimum time on mails and maximum time on other parts of your job? Read on to know about a couple of Gmail hacks that will help you save time and utilise your working hours efficiently. And yes, you may thank us later.

Templates are huge time-savers

Most professional mails follow a pre-decided format. With Gmail, you can create email templates which are super handy in-case you find yourself sending similar e-mails to different recipients. This is especially useful for those who have to respond to common questions with some standard answers. All you have to do is use the template, edit it (if required), and send to different recipients. However, one thing to note is that you can use templates only while using Gmail via a web browser. The mobile app doesn’t allow you to use templates yet.

Schedule emails for better efficiency

Got to send a couple of emails to different people sometime in the future? Save yourself the last-minute hassles and schedule your emails. To schedule an email, simply look for the down arrow right next to the send button, click on it, and click ‘Schedule Send’. You can then set the time and date accordingly.

Set up a signature

Tired of typing the same words at the end of every email? Try setting up a signature so that the next time you send an email, those ‘regards and best wishes’ show up automatically. You can set your customised signature by clicking on settings and adding your signature text in the ‘Signature’ section. You can also change the font of your signature and add an image. Then, save your changes and voila!

Delete several mails in a single click

Deleting mails can be a pain at times, especially when your inbox is loaded with spam and other unwanted mails. Instead of selecting emails one by one, use the ‘Select All’ option that helps you select every mail in the window and delete them all together.

Use the search bar

Can’t find an important email from several months, or even years ago? Stop scrolling and use the search bar. Type in the email’s subject line, or the name of the sender and it gets much easier to locate specific emails.

Use Gmail offline when not connected to the internet

This one is especially for people who are living in areas where internet connectivity is a problem. By enabling Gmail offline, you can write, search, read, and delete emails without being connected to the internet. You can also type the entire email and hit send, the mail will go to your outbox and will be sent automatically when the internet connection is back on.

Intrigued? Keep watching this space for more such hacks.


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