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WhatsApp Status For Diwali 2023: Tips And Tricks To Apply Best Status On WhatsApp


Diwali 2023 WhatsApp Wishes, Quotes: As India celebrates the festival of lights today, people are using WhatsApp Status as a potential medium to share wishes with their friends. It acts as a powerful tool to broadcast messages to contacts when sharing personal wishes is not an option.

But a simple video or image can look monotonous sometimes. WhatsApp offers a wide range of options to let you add more elements to Status to make it more interesting. If you also plan to upload a Status update this Diwali, here are some tips to make your WhatsApp Status stand out.

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Apply Filters

If you are uploading an image as Status, swipe up above the caption bar to access a wide range of filters. You can opt from Pop, Black and White, Cool, Chrome and Film options. These can help enhance the message and meaning of the image. At the same time, make sure to crop (or rotate) the photo for the right fit from the crop tool located at the top right.

WhatsApp Status Filters can help portray meaning. (Image:Unsplash) 

Use Stickers

You can choose from a wide range of stickers to attach to the image from the icon at the top right. The time sticker can help you keep track of your activity. You can experiment with others too. Based on your liking, you can also opt for emojis.

Apply Text Styles

From the ‘T’ icon at the top right, you can add different font styles, change the alignment and colour and highlight the text. It can help break the monotony of an image and add a personalised keyword.

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Use Marking Tool

Tap the pencil icon at the extreme top right to highlight elements in an image. You can choose from various strokes (from the four options) and colours in WhatsApp.

Personalised Captions

You can write a unique caption to improve the appeal of Status. This festive season, you can choose from a wide range of emojis and symbols to accentuate your message.

Note that some of these features might not work for videos in Status. You can head to the ‘Updates’ tab and upload a status from the ‘My Status’ option. Meanwhile, WhatsApp Stickers are also among the popular mediums to share wishes with family and friends. Custom stickers can further personalise the appeal. To read more about a how-to guide to make custom stickers, head to this report.


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