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Tips And Tricks For How To Play Solo In Palworld


Palworld is a game that encourages you to play with others, build bases, and explore the world. However, you may not want to play with others, sticking to solo play instead, or maybe you want to have a separate world you can explore alone. Just be warned, the game can be challenging on your own since you can only rely on yourself and your Pals.




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Who needs guns, anyway?

With that in mind, though, you can still make solo play work since the game gives you all the tools you need to succeed. While it will be more challenging at times, you can use some excellent tips to help you navigate the game, take care of your base, and explore everything Palworld has to offer.

The Best Ways To Spend Technology Points For Solo Play

The Medieval Medicine Workbench in the Technology Tab in Palworld

Since you have a limited number of Technology Points, you should prioritize the following options before you branch out.

Technology To Invest In

Level Required

What It Does

Armor And Tools


These should always be your priority since they increase your defense, help you survive the weather, and collect resources.

Normal Parachute


A great way to help you explore and get around.

Statue Of Power


You can upgrade your capture power and Pals, which you’ll need to take when you venture out.



You can use them to create different crucial items, such as weapons, tools, and resources.



You’ll prevent your food from spoiling, which becomes more important as you cook more.

The Best Facilities For Solo Play

The protagonist building a spa while there's a Mammorest nearby in Palworld.

As you build your base and find a nice location, you should automate as many processes as possible through Facilities. Start with these specific ones to help you take care of the most important resources.

Facility To Build

Level Unlocked

What It Does

Berry Plantation


You can provide you and your Pals with a consistent supply of food.

Logging Site


You always need Wood for structures and important resources.

Stone Pit


This is the same as the Logging Site, except you get Stone for structures, items, and tools.



An easy way to make Paldium and Fiber, especially in conjunction with the Logging Site and Stone Pit.

Automation matters since you don’t have other players to help you explore or collect resources.

If you want to automate your base further, focus on leveling up your base so you can leave more Pals there.

Cover All Pal Task Types

The protagonist cooking some Baked Berries in Palworld.

As you increase your Base Level, you should try to cover as many task types as possible. When you look at your Pals, they’ll have highlighted tasks, showing what actions they can perform.

Ultimately, you want to have enough Pals to cover all 12 task types, so you never have to perform actions on your own. If you can’t cover all task types, you should focus on a few to help with your basic needs.

Task Type

Why You Should Get It


Your pals will help you with construction and building tools.


You can cook food faster, which can be time-consuming, letting you explore while having better food items.


You can grow different seeds for more food and resources.


Your Pal will help collect different resources to build up your base and prepare for crafting.

You’ll encounter many Pals that can perform multiple tasks, so mix and match them to cover as many as possible.

Rotate Your Pals While Fighting

The protagonist using a Lamball as a shield in Palworld.

While you fight in combat, you can send out your Pals and call them back. Normally, you can leave your Pals out, letting them deal damage, but rotating is better for damage while playing solo.

Check their Partner Skills to see what they can do in combat. You should rotate through your Pals, use their Partner Skills, and continue this process, giving them time to refresh the cooldown before you return.

Doing so will help you maximize your damage while helping them avoid damage since they won’t get hurt in between switches. Always bring a defensive Pal, like Lamball, to keep safe in a pinch.

Rotating also matters when your Pals get low on health. Return to the base, open the Pal Management Menu, and swap them out to let them heal. It’s important to keep your Pals alive when adventuring alone, and this will help.

Prioritize Ranged Weapons

The protagonist fighting a Chillet while it attacks in Palworld.

Even though bats and spears are powerful weapons, you should prioritize ranged weapons, like bows and guns. They allow you to start combat from a distance, so if you have a Pal out, then attack the foe, your Pal teammate will help fight them.

This also helps you stay out of harm’s way since many Pals have close-ranged attacks. It also gives you more time to react with a dodge if the enemy launches a ranged attack.

On top of that, your Pals can deal more damage than you, saving you time.

Go With A Custom Game

The custom menu, where players can adjust various settings in Palworld.

It doesn’t hurt to go with a Custom Game while you play, allowing you to adjust the setting based on your preferences. You can use some to save time and others to provide a more enjoyable experience.



EXP Rate

You want to cut down on level-up time or feel like getting the highest Player Level quickly.

Pal Capture Rate

A perfect option to use if you’re catching rare Pals or want to worry less about wasting resources.

Damage Multipliers

If you have trouble against bosses or Towers, you can adjust this setting. Don’t set it too high for capturing Pals, or your teammates may one-shot them.

Pal Sleep Health Regeneration

A great setting to have high, so your Pals will recover quickly when you swap them out.

Enable Raid Events

Turn it off if you want to focus on exploration.

Max Pals Working At Base

It doesn’t hurt to put this at 20 to help you take care of tasks.

You can change a world’s settings by going to the Main Menu, picking Start Game, selecting the world, and then choosing Change World Settings.

This will let you pick specific difficulties or go with a Custom Game if you don’t like any of the presets.

Over Level For Boss Fights And Towers

The protagonist standing in front of the Tower Of The Rayne Syndicate in Palworld.

Many bosses deal lots of damage since they’re designed with the idea of multiple players fighting them. You can only carry so many Pals with you at a time, meaning even a duo has double the advantage over you, Pal-wise.

Instead of tackling bosses around your level, you should wait until you’re a few levels higher than them. Doing so will help you stay alive longer, fight with stronger Pals, and even unlock better equipment and weapons.

The same applies to Tower bosses, except you have a time limit for them. Feel free to try one, but see how your Pals perform overall.

Each Pal should be strong enough to take out one-fifth of the boss’s health, so you can use that to gauge how much more leveling you need to do before you try again.

Don’t worry if you die to the boss: your equipment and items will spawn outside the tower, making it easy to retrieve them.

Play It Safe And Avoid Death

Syndicate members standing in the distance and fighting Pals in Palworld.

It’s critical for you to play the game safely and avoid dying whenever possible. Since dying causes you to drop your items on Normal difficulty and higher, it’s far more punishing in Solo Play.

When you play with others, it’s alright if one of you loses your equipment since your friends can guide you back to the spot.

To keep yourself safe, put some points into Stamina and HP so you can run away if a fight proves too challenging. As a general rule, run away from a fight if you’re two or three hits from dying.


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