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I’m a tech expert… here’s five hidden iPhone tricks most people don’t know about


TECH experts have revealed five secret iPhone tricks that most poeple don’t know about.

If you have an Apple phone, using these hacks can make your device perform like brand new.

Tech experts have revealed five top hacks that will make your iPhone feel brand newCredit: Getty

Whether it’s banishing an unwanted object from a picture, speeding up your typing or taking better photos, these top tips will boost your iPhone performance – but only if you know how to access them.


If you’re always getting blown up with phone calls or working on the go then this hack is for you.

Once you’ve answered the call, simply swipe down on your screen and click “Mic Mode” then “Voice Isolation”.

This simple action will allow your voice to come across clearer down the phone line and also make you sound louder.


And for those without AirPod Pros or a pair of AirPod Max, which both have transparency modes, this will improve the overall quality of your calls.


If unwanted backgrounds ever ruin your perfect snaps there’s an easy fix on your camera roll.

Select the photo you want to remove the background from, tap on the share icon and save it to your files.

Then head to your files and select the photo you saved before clicking on the three dots icon.

This will give you the option to remove the background.


If your camera quality isn’t as good as it once was, then here’s a top tip to getting clearer pictures.

Head to settings, then camera, record video and then click on ‘1080 at 60 fps.

This will turn off the iPhone HDR video and improve the quality, leaving iPhone users with much clearer shots.


With just one simple movement, you can undo a bunch of actions.

First head to your iPhone settings and search for “shake to undo” in the top search bar – which can be found just under the touch section.

Once enabled you’ll be able to shake your iPhone to undo an action such as accidentally sending the wrong text or deleting a picture.


Even your keyboard can help make your iPhone even easier to use.

If you tap and hold down the spacebar on your keyboard, you can move your cursor around to easily make any edits to your text.

Depending on your display size, it can sometimes be tricky to get the cursor back to where you need to edit – this is where the hidden trackpad comes in handy.

To do this, all you have to do is hold two fingers down on the screen to easily move the cursor.

This comes after iPhone owners realised that they can remove scratches with a 30p product that we all have at home.

And others are only just working out why you shouldn’t put your wet phone in rice to fix water damage – contrary to popular belief.


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