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With over 100 million active sign-ups in just a few days of its official launch, Threads has become the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. Designed and developed by the team behind Instagram, Threads is optimised for text-based conversations. If you are planning to join Threads or have already joined the network, then, here are six features that you should know to unlock the full potential of Meta’s latest social media platform.

Threads You can set your profile to private to enhance privacy (Express Photo)

By default, your Threads profile is set to public, which allows anyone to access all your posts without following them. By setting your profile to private, only your followers will have access to your posts.

Go to Settings > Privacy > and click on the private profile option to turn your public Threads profile into a private profile.

Configure who can reply

Threads There is an option to select who can reply to your Thread (Express Photo)

Threads, just like most microblogging platforms, allows anyone to reply to a post. However, users will have the option to control who can engage with your post on Threads. This can be done while posting on Threads, where, one can set it to mentions, where, people who have been mentioned on the Threads can reply or there is also an option to set it to profiles you follow.

While creating a new Thread, click on the bottom left corner that says “anyone can reply” and select mention only or the profiles you follow.

Report, hide, and mute unwanted accounts

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Threads You can hide and mute posts from unwanted accounts (Express Photo)

Threads right now show a dynamic timeline with posts from followers and trending creators. If you find a post that’s irrelevant, you can either block the user, so that you won’t see any future posts from them, or hide that specific post, or there is also an option to mute the conversation, so that you won’t be notified about any of the updates about that specific post.

Click on the three-dot icon on top of the post, and select mute, hide, or report with a single click.

Hide offensive words and phrases

Threads Threads also has an option to hide posts with offensive words (Express Photo)

Social media platforms are no new for not safe for work (NSFW) and offensive content, and Threads gives its users an option to automatically block posts that have offensive words and phrases, in fact, it even allows users to block custom words and phrases, making the platform even more safe to use.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden words > and custom offensive words and phrases to add custom offensive words and phrases

Manage notification

Threads Threads allow users to configure push notifications (Express Photo)

Constantly bombarded with Threads notifications? While blocking them altogether is one way to deal with it, Threads also has an option to disable push notifications, where, you will only see them once you open the app. Similarly, you can also set a time frame, where, all the notifications are delivered once in 15/30 minutes. You can also select what sort of notifications you want to receive from Threads, which include likes, replies, mentions, accepted follow requests, and more.

Take a break from Threads

Threads You can also take a break from Threads (Express Photo)

Deactivating a Threads account will also deactivate the linked Instagram account. Instead, one can take a break from the app after a specific period. Users can get a reminder to take a break from Threads.

Go to Settings > Account > Take a break and select the reminder option to take a break from Threads.

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