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36 Effective Email Marketing Tips from the Experts


1. Collect real emails

It may seem obvious, but you really need to make an effort to exclusively collect real email addresses for your email list. Providing a fake email address to get a deal or bypass a pop-up ad may seem inconsequential, but as far as your email list is concerned, it can seriously disrupt your ability to deliver emails to future customers.

More specifically, sending newsletters to fake email addresses obviously increases your bounce rate, and a high bounce rate alerts email providers that your email may not be worth opening in the first place. This can happen with old or disused email addresses as well, so make sure to follow best practices for weeding out your ghost contacts. But what are those best practices?

Improve your sign-up process

The best way to make sure your email list is filled with real email addresses is to improve your sign-up process from top to bottom. First off, make sure the input field exclusively accepts real email addresses, either by format or design. Secondly, be as reassuring as possible in the copy surrounding the newsletter sign-up form, explaining exactly what you’ll be sending and that you won’t be sharing it with third parties. Finally, and most importantly, always send a confirmation email to confirm that the email really goes to a real inbox, before adding contacts to your mailing list.

Never buy email lists

If you’re thinking about padding your email list by purchasing subscribers, don’t do it. These lists are often filled with old and fake emails that will almost exclusively serve to increase your bounce rate and make it even harder to get your emails delivered to those who really want them. As email marketing expert Emily Cooke puts it, “it’s a spam trap.”


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