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Where Do You Download PC Software From?


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We recently covered how horrible CNET’s download.com has become to install software, as everything on the site is wrapped in vicious crapware. CNET’s site isn’t the only culprit though, essentially any software aggregation site has some type of bloatware associated with it. Sites like Filehippo, Softpedia, and brothersoft all have their own version of an “install manager” that contain malware that installs toolbars and hijacks your homepage and default search engine.

Even if you go straight to a developer’s site for a program, there is a chance they link directly to download.com or their installer is wrapped in junk software. Unfortunately this seems to be the industry standard these days, and it’s a money maker, so don’t expect any of these software download sites to clean up their act any time soon – if ever. With modern computing, you’re a lot more safe from malware when downloading from the device manufacturer’s app stores – Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Store…etc.

If you haven’t checked out our articles on how bad download.com has become, check them out:

Yesterday, our coverage of download.com was discussed on Tech News Today on the TWiT network, and the panel members had some interesting discussion on the situation:

Where Do You Download Your Software From?

If you’re downloading essential quality Open Source software for your system, we recommend using Ninite.com. These guys maintain a quality site with the latest versions of the software, and it automatically opts you OUT of installing toolbars and other junk.

Ninite is Safe SoftwareNinite is Safe Software

After all of this information, what we want to know is where you download software for your computer. Take a moment to join the conversation and leave us your thoughts in the comments!


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