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Improve Productivity

While facilitating effective communication is obviously important for platforms like Microsoft Teams, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if productivity went up as well. After all, Microsoft Teams markets itself as more than just a video conferencing tool, so what else can it do to give your team a little extra when it comes to productivity?

It turns out, quite a bit! In fact, the reason Teams is so widely used by businesses is because it offers features that go beyond communication and make actual work easier for employees. Here are a few ways to use Microsoft Teams to improve productivity.

Picture-in-picture functionality

Whether you’re in an office or working from home, video calls have become part of your everyday life. As many employees will likely agree, not every single video meeting requires your full attention, which means that getting a little work done during the lulls could really improve your productivity. Unfortunately, some video conferencing platforms make it hard to access other apps or sites while you’re in a meeting.

But not Microsoft Teams! Thanks to a recent update, the Microsoft Teams app on iPhones and iPads allows for picture-in-picture functionality, so you can access other apps while in a meeting. It even provides an adjustable window, so you can choose exactly how much screen space your video meeting takes up.

Intelligent recap

The power of artificial intelligence has been used numerous times to improve productivity in business. Microsoft Teams is no different, with plenty of automated, intelligent features aimed at helping your team work more efficiently. One of them is the intelligent recap on meetings, which offers an AI-powered post-meeting summary provided to all attendees.

Released in an October update that saw a wide range of Teams improvements, intelligent recap is still a bit rudimentary, recapping everything in the whole meeting rather than picking out specific important aspects. Still, given the pace with which Microsoft Teams is updated, we’d imagine this feature will get quite helpful in the coming months.

eSign integrations

We all know that signing in and out of various accounts is a huge time waster when it comes to everyday business. In fact, Microsoft Teams used to have an esign integration that allowed users to sign online documents that required users to sign into the account every single time they used it.

Fortunately, that is no longer the case, as a recent update solved the problem by allowing users to sign in every 30 days, rather than every single day. Sure, it may seem small, but those tiny improvements to the site can make a big difference when it comes to bolstering productivity.


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