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Surviving the Piglin hordes: 11 Tips and Tricks for mastering Minecraft Legends


Minecraft Legends is a strategy game with a lot going on, and players can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that need to be managed.

Minecraft Legends tips and tricks that can take you from a beginner to legendary.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the game easier and more enjoyable.

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Build a versatile defense

While golems are great, they can only do so much. Unlock more golem types and recruit classic Minecraft critters to make battles easier. Creepers are effective at dealing with enemy mobs, while skeletons can fire arrows over walls. Experiment with different combinations of unit types to see what suits your style and needs best.

Explore the Overworld

Minecraft Legends’ world is procedurally generated, so exploring the Overworld can help players find useful resources, chests with valuable resources like prismarine and new gather and build Allays. Players can also find powerful allies like the First Golems and defensive structures like Power Towers. Purchasing upgrades is necessary to collect First Golems and Power Towers.

Farm resources

Players have a strict cap on how many resources they can gather during the initial tutorial, so it’s important to harvest as much wood, stone, and eventually iron and other resources as they can hold. Building defensive fortifications and other in-field structures costs a lot of resources, and players should make it a habit to gather resources whenever possible.

Iron block in Minecraft Legends.

Use the Songbook

The Songbook is a hub of everything players have seen and can do in Minecraft Legends. Here, players can see all the buildings, mobs, and improvements they have access to, and customize their hot bars for those categories. The Songbook is also a running list of everything players have discovered in Minecraft Legends and the Overworld, making it a valuable tool for future reference.

Minecraft Legends is filled with many Piglin varieties, and they can all be found in the Songbook.

Fortify every village

Players will spend as much time repelling Piglins from villages as they will dismantling Nether Portals. Fortifying each village as they come to it makes defending against enemy hordes much easier when the time comes. Building walls, watchtowers, and other fortifications around the entire perimeter is important, but players should get creative with their defenses.

Build wells strategically

Build wells regularly across the map. They serve as useful rest areas and fast travel points, cutting down on travel times and making it easier to defend villages.

Watchtowers are key

Watchtowers are the most useful defensive tool players have. They cover a broad area, deal heavy damage to Piglins, and distract enemies from tearing down walls or attacking villagers. Players don’t even need a wall to build a watchtower, and several in a row can effectively defend a village.

Keep a track over space

Piglins are always plotting and moving, and players have to stay one step ahead of them to come out on top. Checking the map regularly to see what the Piglins are planning is essential.

The map in both the campaign and the PvP matches is procedurally generated each time, which theoretically leads to different experiences each time you play

Retreat is not a bad option sometimes

It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, so sometimes you have to let villages fall to the Piglin army. However, good defensive fortifications can help villages last longer, and defeating every pig in a village’s boundaries will liberate it again.

Jump in the battle

Don’t hesitate to jump in the fray yourself. Your basic sword attack is effective against enemy mobs, and distracting them can give your own mobs more freedom to destroy Piglin structures. If you get hurt, wait for your health to replenish or try luring Piglins into lava.

Don’t miss to use banner controls and manage settings

Make use of advanced banner controls to manage your army efficiently. Rally a select few soldiers and send them charging off in one direction, before rallying a Creeper squad to send into the middle of a Piglin mob, and then send a group of golems to deal with a nearby structure.

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Also check your settings to make sure they suit your needs. You can adjust your build settings to make building while moving easier.

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