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Master Google Gemini: 14 tips for beginners


Google has renamed its Bard Chatbot as Gemini and is launching a dedicated iOS and Android app. When it comes to productivity tools, having Google Gemini can be like having a powerful ally who can streamline all your tasks and enhance your overall efficiency.

When it comes to AI chatbots, we are familiar with ChatGPT and how it is helping millions of people around the world in their professional pursuits. Google Bard is now Google Gemini, which is equally powerful and accessible and is also an ingenious AI tool that can help professionals in various fields.

However, not all are well-versed in Google Gemini, and might be hesitant to make the most of this AI tool. To harness the capabilities of Google Gemini effectively, it is important to understand its features and how they can help you.

In this article, we will delve into the best settings and practical applications of Google Gemini, ensuring that you make the most of this amazing tool.

Get the best settings to enhance efficiency

As we know, Google Gemini is a mighty capable tool, however, before we go any further with its myriad functions, it is important to configure the best settings to match your preferences. Below are some steps to ensure an optimal Gemini experience:

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Activate dark theme: Click on the gear icon located at the bottom right to enable the Dark Theme for a visually pleasing interface. Again, this largely depends on one’s personal preferences, however, we feel that this is conducive for prolonged usage.

Real-time response: The whole point of using an AI chatbot is to get instant and accurate responses. Toggle on the Real-time responses option as this facilitates quicker interactions and seamless workflow. The button is right below the Dark Theme option.

Extension preferences: In case you are using a personal Google account, navigate to extensions and make sure that Google Workspace and YouTube are toggled on. We advise you to consider keeping other extensions off to prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Stay updated: A lot of features are yet to be added to Gemini, hence, regularly check for updates to ensure access to the latest features and improvements. At the moment, the extensions feature may be absent from Google business accounts.

Now that you have configured Google Gemini, let us have a look at some user-friendly features and customisation options. Gemini comes with a plethora of features that can enhance your experience and give you tailored information.

Prompt recommendations: This feature allows you to experiment with default prompt structures that are provided by Google to help refine your interactions with Gemini. These tailored prompts can ensure optimal outcomes.

Voice interaction: This is a fun way to engage with Gemini using voice commands for hands-free operation. Simply click the microphone icon, say your prompt clearly, and Gemini will generate responses.

Customisable responses: Fine-tune Gemini’s responses to suit your preferences. You can do this by adjusting the response length, tone, and complexity to suit the context and audience, ensuring clarity and consistent communication.

Fact-checking capabilities: You can verify Gemini’s responses for accuracy using the fact-checking feature. Differentiate between reliable and dubious information by clicking the Google icon. A green highlight means Google Gemini is fairly accurate, while a yellow highlight could mean the information is not as credible.

Effortless sharing: Share prompts and responses easily with colleagues or collaborators. Gemini also allows you to customise headlines and summaries before sharing links publicly, facilitating effective knowledge dissemination.

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Once you have configured your Google Gemini account, here is a deep dive into some of the practical applications that can save you hours. From managing emails, and image prompts to summarising YouTube videos, Google Gemini can be a boon.

Manage your emails efficiently by utilising Gemini’s capabilities to streamline your inbox. Simply use the @ shortcut to tag Gmail, and you can instantly access commands tailored for Gmail. If you want to search for specific emails, write “@Gmail show emails with <keyword>”. This will significantly reduce the time spent in decluttering the inboxes.

Sample prompt: @Gmail show emails that mention business proposals

Gemini is your go-to tool for streamlined document retrieval. Be it scouring through Google Drive or analysing documents, Gemini simplifies the process significantly. Input vague search queries, such as “IELTs prep documents,” and the AI chatbot will retrieve relevant files promptly. This will spare you from sifting through irrelevant results manually.

Sample prompt: @Google Drive can you find all documents related to IELTS prep, they should be in PDF format.

The best AI solution for enhanced document analysis. Gemini’s integration with Google Docs, allows you to delve deeper into document analysis. Give specific prompts, such as summarising key takeaways from a document, and it will extract the relevant information efficiently, streamlining data comprehension.

Sample prompt: @Google Docs “Annual Revenue Report” Study the file and give 5 key takeaways

In case you forget the name of the document, simply @Google Drive and say find the Annual Revenue Report of 2022. Although you cannot upload a PDF file, one can use a link of the same to let Gemini pull information. Similarly, one can also upload the PDF to their Google Drive and use @Google Drive in prompt to let Gemini study the doc and answer queries based on it.

Efficient data extraction and analysis with Gemini. The chatbot facilitates data extraction from images, allowing room for detailed analysis. In case you have tabular data in an unusable format, simply paste an image containing the tabular data, and Gemini will convert it into a usable format, saving considerable time in data entry and analysis tasks.

Simply copy and paste an image with the prompt. Users can even screenshot tables and ask Gemini to give them in tables and extract them into Excel sheets.

Gemini can assist with video analysis. With Gemini’s YouTube Vision feature, one can gain valuable insights from any video on the platform. Not only that, users can analyse content performance, target audience demographics, and engagement metrics effortlessly. Simply use @YouTube, and ask Gemini to analyse a video. Users can also ask Gemini to give takeaways from long videos saving more time.

Sample prompt: @YouTube <video link> give top takeaways and elaborate more on <specific topic>

Google Gemini is a big leap in productivity tools as it combines productivity and convenience. By using the best settings and understanding the variety of practical use cases, one can unlock the full potential of Gemini.


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