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The new iPhone 13 lineup is here, featuring better battery life and improvements to the camera. But let’s not forget the new phones ship with iOS 15 and the latest software update is worthy in its own right. iOS 15 includes new features like the ability to start FaceTime calls with Android users, easier sharing on iMessage and updates to Apple Maps and more. Even if you don’t plan to upgrade to the shiny iPhone 13, Apple’s mobile operating system is available to anyone with an iPhone 6S model or later. The following are lesser-known things you can do with iPhone 13 and older iPhone models.

There have been times when notifications become so annoying that you would want to turn off the phone. iOS already comes with built-in notification management tools, but the nice thing about the new iOS 15 is that you can delay notifications that aren’t important and schedule them so that you can view them at a time that is convenient for you. To set it up, open Settings, and choose Notifications and Scheduled Summary and toggle it on. When you are going to enable this feature for the first time, you will be asked to select a bunch of apps, and choose a time for the summary to show up on your device. You can have up to 12 daily summaries set to arrive at the times of your choosing.

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Hide IP address from all websites

One of the new features Apple has included in iOS 15 is that you can hide your device’s IP address to prevent websites or trackers from tracking you while you browse. The idea is to improve privacy features in iOS 15, making it safer to browse the web using Safari.

Here’s how you can your IP address from websites and trackers in Safari on iPhone

Launch Settings from your Home screen.

Tap Safari.

Scroll down until you see Hide IP Address.

Tap Trackers and Websites.

iOS 15, Apple iOS 15, iOS 15 tips, iOS 15 hidden tips, Apple iOS 15, iPhone iOS 15, iOS 15 compatibility, iPhone 13 iOS 15 allows you to hide IP address from both the third-party trackers and websites.

Add background image to Safari

Apple first added the ability to customise the start page in Safari in macOS Big Sur. Unfortunately, the feature was limited to macOS. But now Cupertino is improving Safari on the iPhone in a big way. With iOS 15, you can even add backgrounds to the Safari app. Not only you can customise the start page, but you can also select a background image to use, as well as choose new sections to display on the start page. here’s how to do it.

Launch Safari on your iPhone.

Open a new tab in Safari.

Scroll down and tap Edit.

Tap the toggle for Background Image to ON.

Festive offer

Select one of the preset images or else tap the large plus (+) button to choose an image from your Photo Library.

iOS 15, Apple iOS 15, iOS 15 tips, iOS 15 hidden tips, Apple iOS 15, iPhone iOS 15, iOS 15 compatibility, iPhone 13 Here’s how to set a custom iPhone Safari background in iOS 15.

Drag and Drop between apps

Drag and drop has been available on the iPad since 2017, and Apple has finally added this feature to the iPhone with iOS 15. It may look like a small update but it is a useful feature nonetheless. You can simply drag and drop content between apps, and everything feels intuitive as it should be.

To do so: Hold down the text you want to move until it becomes light blue. While still holding the text with your finger, use a finger on your other hand to switch between apps using the Home bar. Now, paste that floating content onto the test field of the messaging app, for example.

iOS 15, Apple iOS 15, iOS 15 tips, iOS 15 hidden tips, Apple iOS 15, iPhone iOS 15, iOS 15 compatibility, iPhone 13 Searching is much easier now.

Spotlight searches from the lock screen

Spotlight is a pretty useful feature for a quick search on and opening an app. With iOS 15, you can now use Spotlight from the lock screen. You can find specific content in Photos (search for “Spain” or “New York”), or search for things like actors or musicians (say “Kim Kardashian”  or “Lady Gaga”), and you will get deeper details like web images, apps they have one on App Store and Wikipedia listings. Just swipe down on your lock screen and the search bar shows up, letting you search anything without unlocking the phone. By default, Spotlight Search is enabled on your iPhone.


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