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How To Gain Technology Points


Palworld puts the onus of discovery on the player rather than guiding them through the advanced mechanics of the game. Everything from catching new Pals, building bases, and finding new areas is left completely up to the player. Even the story is extremely hands-off, only dropping hints and lore sporadically as you advance through the game.




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In such a hands-off environment, it’s easy to miss even the basics of the gameplay. Technology Points are used to unlock new craftable items in the game. They are an essential resource that motivates the player to slowly but surely grow their empire in the game.


January 19, 2024

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How To Obtain Technology Points

How To Obtain Technology Points, Palworld

There are two simple ways to gain new technology points. You gain them every time you level up, and whenever you activate a fast travel point in the world. When you’re exploring the world, make sure you have enough food and shelter to survive the night. Having a bed goes a long way.

Leveling up becomes harder to achieve the further you sink into the game, but there are a couple of ways to speed up your rate of experience gain.

  • Explore new areas to find new Pals and capture them. The XP boost from capturing undocumented creatures is no joke.
  • Catch 10 of the same Pal to get an extra XP jump. Once you’ve captured 10 of the same Pal, you should move on to a new area or find a new Pal.

How To Get Ancient Technology Points

How To Obtain Ancient Technology Points, Palworld

Ancient Technology Points are exclusively used to unlock Ancient Technologies in Palworld. This part of the “tech tree” can’t be unlocked through any other resource. There’s only one way to get Ancient Technology Points in the game: defeating boss creatures. Syndicate bosses, the creatures near the high-tech Syndicate Towers, will reward the player with 5 Ancient Technology Points, but they are quite hard to defeat.

On the other hand, field bosses are much easier to defeat, but they only reward the player with a single ancient technology point on defeat. Keep in mind that you’ll get a technology point the first time you defeat a boss. Any subsequent defeats will only net you some material.


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