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Garena Free Fire tips: 5 tricks that can help you to survive right till the very end


Garena Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game that is played across the world. The amazing layout and game play make the survival of players a delicate process, but the entire game is so thrilling that it keeps them captivated. Every player tries his or her best to survive till the last in every match. However, it’s not easy as players find it very difficult to survive past the Free Fire end zones. Nonetheless, there are a few things that will help you to outlast others and survive till the end with ease. Though the dynamics of every match are different, a few things remain the same. Here are a few Garena Free Fire tips and tricks to master the art of survival

Play your game passively

A simple way to survive longer in Garena Free Fire is to avoid playing aggressively. Instead, adopt a passive playstyle. It is great for seasoned players as well as beginners. Though there are certain drawbacks as well, playing passively is the safest and best way for players to survive the longest. You cannot avoid all fights, the bulk of them can be bypassed.

Try to stay on the high ground during gunfights

As you engage in combat with the enemy, it’s always better to hold the high ground. This will make it harder for the opponent to attack as you will have better shooting angles. If pointed correctly, the enemy will either be pinned down or eliminated.

Loot during the early game

Lack of supplies often lands players in trouble during the end zones of the match. If the enemy attacks the player, they have no means of defending themselves. Hence, loot as much as you can during the early game to survive longer. Stock up on ammunition, medkits, and armor to ensure your survival in the match. Also, try to keep your EP at max to receive passive healing.

Try to stay within the safe zone

Try to rotate and stay within the safe zone in a Free Fire match. This will allow players to avoid being pinned down by the opponent. Also, rotating will help you to keep a track of movements of your enemy and stay ahead of them.

Try to maintain full EP

EP plays a significant role in Free Fire, hence, eat as many mushrooms as you can to keep your EP bar filled. This helps players to recover HP passively. This also saves players from the trouble of using medkits.


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