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Best online piano lessons 2024: Apps, websites and software for piano players


Piano lessons. Two words capable of striking fear into the heart of any child who’d much rather be playing football or hanging out with friends than struggling through a fumbling rendition of Frere Jacques in the presence of a stern-faced music teacher. Luckily, thanks to today’s technology, it no longer has to be such a daunting experience. If you want to learn piano – or have kids who do – the best online piano lessons deliver much more varied and palatable options for all budgets.

While many budding pianists head straight for YouTube to find lessons – it’s free after all, we get it – the vast amount on offer can actually hinder your progress. As videos can be uploaded by anyone there’s no guarantee as to the accuracy of the videos, the quality of the teaching on offer can be extremely variable, and finding a sensible path through your learning journey can be tricky. Plus, with so many to choose from, picking the right lessons can be a shot in the dark.


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