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Best free antivirus in 2024


Best free antivirus – quick links

If you’ve ever had to deal with a particularly stubborn virus, you’ll know how important antivirus software is. These programs prevent malware from downloading to your device and wreaking havoc—and some have extra goodies like firewalls and system scanners that can put a stop to threats before you ever know they’re there. However, you’ll need to pay for most antivirus software, which begs a question: does free antivirus work as well?

The short answer is that it can. Some of today’s best antivirus programs have free versions that’ll work for most users—and they offer these to give you a taste of the full-fat program in the hopes that you’ll upgrade. On the other hand, some free antivirus programs can inundate you with ads and annoying popups, or even themselves be scams designed to gobble up your sensitive data.


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