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ActivTrak has all the features necessary to monitor your employees in a transparent way. For example, you can use the software to track not only how many hours employees work, but how engaged they are. ActivTrak can track how much time your employees engage in productive versus unproductive behavior and active versus passive (idle) behavior through mouse movements, keyboard activity (though not keystroke logging), and website and application usage. With the Workforce Capacity and Impact Analysis tools, you can conveniently view metrics to rebalance employee workloads and resources and determine if staffing changes are successful. If you want to learn which locations your employees are most productive in (e.g., office vs. remote), then you can use ActivTrak’s Location Insights dashboard. This new tool shows you employee productivity broken down by user, location, time of day, and each week. The location data it provides can help you make informed staffing policies and determine office space requirements.

ActivTrak can help employees stay on track (and safe) by blocking specific websites and applications on a user or group basis. Other security features can include audit trails, USB activity tracking, automated responses and risk scores. We particularly like its advanced insight capabilities, offering a wealth of knowledge that can help employers and managers make informed business decisions and create goals.

The software shows employee analytics like productivity, work efficiency, workload balance and tech usage. You can break these stats down by teams or individual users to identify top performers. Comparisons also help you identify which employees or teams have low levels of productivity or efficiency and may need help. Identifying key features like employee burnout addresses workload inefficiencies while improving employee engagement. With ActivTrak’s new integration with Google Workspace apps (e.g., Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides), employees can view their own metrics on things like their average focus time, top attention-shift apps, days overworked, and more. Since ActivTrak also now has a calendar integration for Outlook and Google Calendar, employees get an accurate look at their digital and in-person activity. This data can help employees make informed decisions on how to break up their day best to increase productivity.

Another cutting-edge analytics feature of ActivTrak is its AI tracking capability. The platform tracks what AI tools and websites your employees are using, and when. This helps you verify that workers are abiding by your AI usage policies and appropriately adopting AI tools. Generative AI can play a major role in workplace productivity and security, so these analytics can provide a lot of value.

ActivTrak data history is stored for 30 days, six months, or 12 months, depending on the plan you select. However, additional data history is available in one-year increments up to three years. This ensures you have access to the workforce data for as long as you need it.


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