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Best Employee Monitoring Software 2024 – Forbes Advisor


To determine the best employee monitoring software, Forbes Advisor analyzed the leading employee monitor software systems across 26 different metrics, including ease of use, cost, customer support, features and functionality. We also considered each company’s reputation and real user reviews.

Pricing – 10%

We looked into the monthly cost of the software plan, whether it had a free plan or free trial and what the minimum number of users was for each plan. We also examined the starting tier price and what was included in that tier as well as the pricing and features of each additional tier.

Features – 50%

We considered the range of features each software platform provided as well as how easy they were to operate. We looked at whether the software platforms had general features such as stealth monitoring, file tracking and the ability for users to take screenshots. We also looked for more advanced features such as keystroke recording, geofencing, location tracking and user privacy settings.

Ratings and Reviews – 10%

We examined what type of customer support was included with the software, which plans came with what type of customer support and if the support was free or at an additional cost. We examined how many reviews each platform had on review sites such as Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra as well as how many high reviews each platform had on these sites.

Expert Score – 30%

In evaluating the best employee monitoring software, we leveraged our direct knowledge and experience with these providers to determine the top contenders for our comparison. The most effective employee monitoring software combines affordability with a rich set of features and a user-friendly design. This combination facilitates smooth adoption of the new software and ensures your team accurately tracks, manages and reports employees’ activities. The expert score contributed 35% to the final ranking.


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