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Beginner Tips And Tricks For Palworld


Palworld is a lot of things – a monster tamer, a survival experience, a base builder, a production line simulator. It’s a complex web of mechanics that requires a lot of attention and learning to get right, and you’re likely to make some catastrophic mistakes before you learn for yourself the best things to do.




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Once you have a handle on the mechanics and know what you’re doing, things will go rather swimmingly in Palworld. To that end, we’ve collated some useful tips to help you get started in this messy, sprawling world of helpful Pals and dangerous enemies.

Palworld is currently in Early Access – this means that the information below is liable to change over the course of development.

How To Save

Quitting and Saving the game in Palworld

Firstly, something that the game doesn’t tell you – in order to save the game manually, you’ll need to open the Options Menu and click ‘Return to Title’.

Yes, it seems that Palworld doesn’t run on save slots. In making a game that’s almost meant to be played with friends and even lacks a pause function, the only way to save the game is upon quitting. This does mean that closing the game any other way may lead to you losing progress.

Pal Catching Tips

Split image of the catch rate of a Chikipi from the front and from the back

As you’d expect, catching Pals is a central mechanic in the game. Not only do you need Pals to work in your bases, but you get lots of experience for the first ten of any Pal species you catch and some of the late-game machines you can build require lots of Pals to work.

Naturally, you’ll want to maximise your chances of actually catching these Pals whenever possible, and there are a few ways to do this:

  • Get up close before throwing a Pal Sphere. This will minimise the chances of the Pal zooming off or the Sphere getting caught on the terrain and bouncing off, thanks to the hyperactive physics system.
  • Lower the Pal’s health before trying to catch it. Just like the most famous monster tamer in the world, lowering the critters’ health before attempting to catch it is useful here, too.
  • Catch Pals from behind. There’s a percentage bonus to your catch rate when hitting a Pal in the back with a Pal Sphere.
  • Give Lifemunk Energy to a Statue of Power. This will increase your catch power, so be on the lookout for the glowing green pickups whenever possible.
  • Use better Pal Spheres. These are unlocked through the Technology menu and can be crafted at Sphere Workbenches and Sphere Line Factories.

Employing these tips will ensure you’re minimising wasted Pal Spheres and catching as many Pals as possible.

Best Base Location

Building a Ranch in Palworld

Placing a Palbox will establish a base – this is where you can deploy your Pals and set them to work. There are a few things to take into account when deciding where to place a base:

  • Is it close to or far from a fast-travel location? Bases also count as fast travel points, so it’s handy to put them in distant locations to improve your mobility around the map.
  • Is the land open and flat? This will aid you when placing large items and building structures, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Are you placing it too close to tough overworld bosses? A likely spot for your first base is near the Mammorest spawn near the starting location, but this is potentially dangerous. A stray shot will aggro the boss and possibly make them trample into your base, potentially wrecking your structures and knocking your Pals out.
  • Is it close to any natural resources? Resources respawn, and you’re likely to spend a lot of time at a base, so placing them close to nodes of Ore, Sulphur, or Paldium will be very convenient in the long run.

While you should take these points into account, don’t feel like establishing a base is a permanent decision to make. Palboxes can be deconstructed, freeing up a base slot and allowing you to restart a new base elsewhere in the world.

How To Defend Against Raids

Getting raided in Palworld

Once you have a base, you will start to periodically get attacked by groups of enemies. You’ll be given a warning a little while before this happens, but only a short while. There are items you can build to help defend against these, such as Sandbags and Bear Traps, though you likely won’t have these for a while.

A great way to defend yourself, especially once you have a team of Pals that you use for battle often, is to swap out your worker Pals – who are likely not that good at fighting – and deploy your party members instead. This way, you can circumvent the one-Pal-summoned limit and defend your base with your best fighters.

Set Up Resource Production As Soon As Possible

Building a Logging Site in Palworld

Palworld requires a lot of resources – a lot. You’ll need hundreds upon hundreds of Wood and Stone to build everything you could possibly want in the game, along with tons of Ore, Fiber, and Paldium.

One way to make a dent in this massive task is to set up Logging Sites and Stone Pits as soon as possible, preferably in every base you set up. In addition to this, collecting Ore and Paldium Fragments whenever you come across them as resource nodes will help massively in the long run.

It’s for this reason that you should…

Increase Your Weight Stat First

Character screen with Weight highlighted in Palworld

Of all the stats that you can upgrade when levelling up is Weight, which increases your carrying capacity by 50 units for every point. While storage is easily crafted and being in a base allows you to craft and build using resources in chests, it’s surprising how quickly you can fill up on items when away from a base.

Palworld takes a semi-realistic approach to weighting items, with heavy things like Stone and Ore being appropriately weighty in your inventory. Since you need tons of these items to progress through the technology tree, you’ll end up weighed down by items more often than not.

For this reason, spending a large proportion of your early level-up bonuses on increasing your Weight stat is a good idea. Getting it up to 700 by Level 10 and 1,000 by Level 20 is a good pace.

Don’t Waste Every Night Sleeping

Rooby's daytime distribution in Palworld

While nighttime can be a dangerous time, thanks to the cold and the lack of light, there are benefits to not skipping time by heading to bed. Some Pals, such as the powerful Daedream and valuable Grintale, can only be found at night.

You can see whether a Pal only spawns at night (or conversely, only in the day) as soon as you’ve encountered one before in the Paldeck. Find the Pal you want and flip to the Habitat tab, there, you can flip between its daytime locations and nighttime locations.

Even Pals who are active around the clock may be more active at certain times!


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