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Back-to-school tips and tricks, from picture day to school lunches


August 9 is approaching fast, leaving lots of things to do before school starts. We’ve got tips for pictures, lunches and tech.

As every parent counts down the days until school starts, there’s a lot to think about in order to get ready. School supplies. School lunches. Technology. Vaccinations. The list goes on and on. Before Plano ISD returns to school on August 9, we’ve prepared some tips to make the back-to-school season go smoother. 

First day of school photos are an iconic tradition each year. Legacy West is offering a first day of school photoshoot. The professional pictures will be taken July 28-30, August 5-6, and again August 12-13 all between 9 and 11 a.m. The photos are complimentary, but registration is required.

When it comes to school lunches, Children’s Health encourages parents to take special notice of what their children are eating during the school day. They advise a healthy breakfast to start the day. It is also important to ask children about what they ate during the day, as many school-age children don’t eat enough for lunch,  Children’s Health experts warn.

Long gone are the days of lugging around textbooks. Technology is the new big school supply, making it increasingly important that students have access to functioning technology such as Chromebooks. Eric Flores, co-franchise owner of uBreakiFix by Asurion in Plano has some tips to prolong an electronic device’s life. When a device is running slowly, Flores said, it could be a number of things.

  • It could be an issue with malware, which can be fixed by a professional.
  • A driver might need to be updated. That can be done by the user or a professional at a tech store.
  • Another common problem is a device not holding a charge or not charging at all. This is not necessarily an issue with the device itself, but the battery. This requires the battery being replaced, which is more cost effective than getting a new device altogether.
  • Grime build-up is a common problem that can cause issues within a device. The grime can get in the fan of the computer which can cause heat-related issues, or in ports which can inhibit USB or HDMI connections. This can be solved with compressed air in the ports and electronic wipes used on the screen and keyboard.

If none of this works and issues still persist, Flores suggests bringing the device to an expert to make sure the student’s tech is in tip-top shape for the school year.


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