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6 Best Video Editing Software Programs for YouTube of 2024


Compatibility: For starters, ensure video editing software works on your preferred operating system. Most work on both macOS and Windows, but some are reserved for operations systems from one company; for example, the Apple-developed Final Cut Pro and iMovie only work on Apple devices.

Also, make sure your computer is powerful enough to handle the software. Most modern computers will work well enough with most YouTube video editing software, although there are exceptions to that rule, like the particularly processor-intensive DaVinci Resolve. That said, just because your computer can open particular software doesn’t mean it can handle an advanced video editing project. It’s worth investing in a higher-end computer if you plan on creating long, sophisticated videos.

User-friendly Interface: If you’re new to creating videos for YouTube, you may not want to spend tons of time learning how to use new software. In that case, get software that’s easy to use and navigate. If you’re an advanced user, you may be willing to spend a little more time learning new software.

“Great video editing software allows you to work quickly and efficiently,” says Christopher Previte, Associate Professor of Digital Media Design at Franklin Pierce University. “The user interface should be intuitive but customizable.”

Editing Tools: The number and types of editing tools is important, too. If all you really want to do is splice together a few different clips, you won’t need super-advanced editing tools – just basic tools to cut clips together. But over time, you may want to take advantage of more advanced options. Because of that, choose at least moderately advanced software so that it can grow with you and you don’t have to switch to a new platform in the near future.

Export and Sharing Options: If you’re producing videos specifically for YouTube, make sure the editing software can export in formats that make sense for you. The vast majority of video-editing software can export video in formats that can be uploaded to YouTube – and YouTube supports a wide range of formats in the first place. As long as you pick software on this list you should be able to make content for YouTube in the format that you choose.

“Whether it is YouTube, TikTok, or any social media platform that supports video, it’s important to recognize that multiple visual formats have to be addressed,” Previte says.

Price and Value: Not everyone wants to spend a lot of cash on a video editing software solution that they only use to upload a few YouTube videos. If you’re just making YouTube videos for fun, it’s probably a good idea to look at the free or lower-cost options on this list; these should offer more than enough in the way of editing tools for your needs. If, however, you’re planning on building a YouTube channel and potentially one day making money from YouTube, then it may well be worth spending some cash on a video editing platform that can grow with you and offer all the tools that you need.


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