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5 Tips and Tricks for mastering Arkane’s latest installment, Redfall


Redfall, the new game from Arkane, has finally arrived, but it appears to be somewhat underwhelming, though not entirely terrible. Recent reviews of Redfall found that while the developers’ attempt to create a Borderlands-style game falls short in many respects, there are still some enjoyable aspects to the game, including its visually appealing world, adequate shooting mechanics, and intriguing storylines. Additionally, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass, which could be a bonus for some gamers.

Arkane’s latest horror-action title, Redfall. (Image Credit: Arcane Studios.)

Redfall, however, does have some significant problems that new players should be aware of, particularly those who are starting the game at launch. These issues may be resolved or improved in future updates, but for now, players should pay attention to the following Redfall tips to help them navigate the game.

1. Can’t hop in between

Image Credit: Arkane Studios.
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Redfall’s gameplay is split into two distinct areas on the island’s coast. However, once you’ve completed the first area, you won’t be able to return to it, and the same goes for the final area once you’ve beaten the last boss. While Redfall does give you a warning about not being able to return to the first area after completing the final mission, it may be easy to miss the notification that the final boss will immediately throw you into a new game+ mode. To identify the final mission, you can look for the mission table where it will be positioned to the right-hand side of the window. Although it may be tempting to reveal the names of the missions, it’s best not to as it could be considered a spoiler. Once you complete all the missions, the window will be full, signaling your readiness to move to the next area.

2. Choose the right class

Four classes in Redfall.(Image Credit: Arkane Studios.)
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If you’re having trouble choosing a class in Redfall, here are some tips on each hero to help you decide.

  • Jacob is perfect for those who prefer stealth. His Raven ability is useful for seeing enemies through walls and tagging them from a distance. Additionally, he can turn invisible and has an ultimate ability that can hit enemies through walls.
  • Devinder is great for traditional snipers. His translocation beacon is handy for reaching difficult-to-reach areas like rooftops. Devinder can easily clear out enemy compounds using a silenced sniper rifle or the stake gun. Plus, his AoE ultimate can freeze groups of vampires.
  • Layla is a versatile hero that can jump up to rooftops using her psychic lift ability. Her combat style is better suited for close-range shotgun play. Her umbrella can cause explosions at close range and block incoming attacks, while her ultimate can distract enemies.
  • Remi is ideal for those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle. Her robot companion can tank vampires, and her healing aura provides regenerating health. Additionally, her C4 charge ultimate is effective for clearing rooms of enemies3. Tip and trick for more effective combat and stealth approach
Refine your combat skill in Redfall.(Image Credit: Arkane STudios.)
  • Redfall is a unique game from Arkane, as it lacks a dodge or parry button, despite frequent melee engagements. There are no insta-kill stealth takedown abilities for vampires, and level scaling can render weapons ineffective. Here are some combat tips to survive Redfall.
  • Circle strafing is an effective technique for dealing with regular vampires. The AI gets stuck when players circle around them, and lunge attacks won’t track players as long as they strafe. Once vampires hit about half health from shotgun blasts, they stagger, providing players with an opening for a few more shotgun shells. The stake gun is a powerful weapon that one-shots most vampires, so players should keep it stocked up. The UV gun is also useful for taking out groups of vampires at once. A swift punch to a petrified vampire is typically an insta-kill, but petrified mini-boss vampires should be shot with the stake gun since they take less damage while petrified with other weapons.
  • Human enemies are not very intelligent and generally ignore dead bodies. Players can distract them with tools such as the flare gun, which will summon nearby human enemies to investigate the flare, rather than where it was shot from. The flare gun has great range and can be useful for luring humans into oil puddles or other hazards.
  • The game doesn’t specify which weapons are suitable for stealth. However, some weapons, such as sniper rifles with silencers, generally won’t alert enemies fully when fired. Sounds, such as piano playing, will also draw enemies’ attention. Semi-automatic rifles seem viable for stealth play, while crouched, but bolt action rifles are noisier. Stake guns are “quiet” and only draw attention from nearby enemies without outright alerting them. The stake gun has some bullet drop-off, but it’s pretty generous. Although there is no “stealth kill” melee animation, elbowing human enemies in the back will instantly kill most of them, even if you hit them in the knee.
  • In summary, players can use circle strafing, shotgun staggers, stake guns, UV guns, flare guns, silenced weapons, and elbow strikes to overcome the challenges of Redfall’s combat. These tips will help players survive and thrive in this unique game from Arkane.4. Optimize your controller

Redfall players on consoles may experience an odd interaction with Xbox controllers out of the box. Fortunately, there is an “input response” preset in the controller menu that can be adjusted to improve joystick handling. By default, the motion curve on joystick pulls is too steep, resulting in abrupt turning speeds. However, setting the input response to “low” will result in a much smoother curve between slow and fast turning. On the other hand, setting it to “high” will cause maximum turn speed with minimal flick of the stick.

It’s worth noting that nobody is likely to be doing fancy trick shots in Redfall, but adjusting the input response can still make gameplay more comfortable. After changing this setting, you may also need to adjust the controller sensitivity to compensate. Setting the input response to “low” and increasing the controller sensitivity to around 3.5 should make Redfall feel more like a typical console FPS. Overall, players can fine-tune their controller settings to achieve a more optimal gameplay experience.

5. Think twice when dismantling weapons

Image Credit: Arkane Studios

Redfall’s loot system can be both basic and frustratingly essential. The game’s enemies scale up to your level, rendering your progression moot. However, your weapons will decrease in effectiveness as you progress, forcing you to seek out new ones. To find new weapons, it’s best to visit the game’s vampire nests, marked by blue door icons on the map. Legendary items are more likely to be found in the vaults that spawn after breaking a nest’s heart at the end of a battle event.

While all weapon types are important in Redfall, some are essential tools for dealing with specific threats. For example, a UV beam is a crucial weapon for snapping freezing a group of melee-range vampires, while a stake gun deals massive damage to vampires from a distance and can be used for sniping or clearing interiors. Regular guns are not effective against vampires, and you’ll want to have at least one staked weapon equipped at all times.

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One thing to be cautious of is accidentally salvaging essential or high-quality weapons. Unfortunately, there is no way to “pin” a weapon to prevent it from being salvaged, but you can hold down the left trigger to make salvaging a little more difficult.

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