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Among all the music streaming platforms, Spotify has a distinctive place. The application comes with a variety of useful functionalities that are easy to use and offer a feature-rich experience that is user friendly.

Spotify came to India last year in February for both Android and iOS devices. The service is available for a month of free trial after which users can purchase the Spotify Premium starting at Rs 119 per month. Users can also use the free version of the app that serves ads and doesn’t allow downloading of songs.

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We are listing down five Spotify tips and tricks that you should definitely know.

Sync Spotify with Shazam

You probably know about Shazam— an app that can identify songs by their sounds. The application can also be connected to Spotify so that you can easily transport the songs identified by Shazam into Spotify and play them whenever you want. After you are done identifying a song in the Shazam app, tap on the arrow sign next to the play button and choose Spotify in the drop-down menu. That’s it.

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Change music quality

Spotify gives you the option to change the quality of the music on the application just like YouTube offers to change video quality. You can select among Low, Normal, High, and Very High as your preferred streaming quality. If you want to save up your data usage, you can set the quality as Low. There is also an option to set the streaming quality to “Automatic” that will change your music quality based on your internet connection speed.

Download your music and podcasts

Spotify Premium comes with the feature to let users download music tracks and podcasts. Users can also download complete albums. It allows users to download their favourite songs to save up data that would have spent on streaming the same track again and again. The download icon is available below each soundtrack and podcast.

Create your playlists

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You can create your own playlists in Spotify. Tap on “Your Library” and tap on “Create Playlist”. Now give a name to your playlist and start to add songs. Once you are done, go back and you will see the new playlist under in the Library.

Listen to your friends’ music

Spotify’s Friend Activity feature lets you listen to the music that your friends like. You can follow your friends and see their listening activity on the app under Friend Activity.

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