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5 Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze tips and tricks you need to try


Are you the type who turns on GPS navigation no matter where you’re headed, or do you just wing it? You might know where you’re going, but Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze have a few slick tools beyond plain ol’ directions. That’s why I fire up a mapping app all the time.

For your eyes only

If you want to go somewhere without seeing it pop up on your recent places, turn on Incognito mode. Google Maps won’t keep your search history or update your location history to include this location.

Open Google Maps, tap your profile picture in the top right corner, then Turn on Incognito mode.

Pro tip: If you use Waze, your username and more may appear on a publicly available map. Friends can also see your name and photo. To stop that, go invisible. ​Tap My Waze > Settings > Privacy. Turn on Go invisible. Now, who else is going to tell you these sorts of things?

Stop reaching for your phone on the road

Use your voice instead. Try these commands, starting with “Hey Siri” or “OK, Google”:

  • “Get directions to (insert a location).”
  • “Give me directions home.”
  • “Where am I?”
  • “How long until I get there?”
  • “Find a gas station.”
  • “Do you love me?” (I just threw that in to see if you’re paying attention.)

Save a few bucks at the pump

Search for the cheapest gas stations nearby using the Waze app. Gas prices are crowdsourced, so they might not always be current, but chances are pretty good if you live in a big city or town.

  • Open Waze. Tap the Where to? search bar and then the Gas stations icon.
  • Your device will look around for the closest stations, with prices for each one.

Forget it, please

Like the rest, Apple Maps remembers searches if you want to revisit a place you looked up in the past. You may want to delete your history. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Apple Maps and swipe up to open the information panel.
  • You’ll see your history under Recents. Swipe left on a specific location and tap Delete.
  • To delete your complete history, tap More next to Recent. Next, tap Clear next to Today, This Week and Older

⏱️ I have one more trick I can’t fit here: How to share your ETA with someone. Perfect if you’re running late for dinner or don’t want to deal with the “When will you be here?” messages. Scroll to No. 5.


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