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Splashtop is our top choice for the best remote PC access solution for creative workers in industries like media, design and game development. The software is compatible with most platforms and a wide range of devices, including Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iOS and Android. Thanks to its partnership with Wacom, Splashtop also supports essential creative tools like a stylus and a pen tablet, even going as far as mirroring the applied pressure and orientation, making it easy for creative workers to recreate their office settings. Users can connect from and to multiple monitors, access remote microphones, and benefit from HD-quality video and audio.

Creative workers require access to demanding platforms like graphic design, video editing or 3D animation programs. This makes having a high-speed remote connection essential for their work. Splashtop offers 4K streaming at up to 60 fps and iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming, with minimal latency, which is ideal for a seamless experience.

Splashtop also offers extensive collaboration tools, making it easy for specialists across teams to work together. For example, users can share their desktops via web browsers, transfer files with drag-and-drop functionality, and chat in and outside remote sessions. One standout feature we found especially valuable is that multiple team members can remotely access a computer simultaneously. This can be useful for team members collaborating on a creative project or preparing a presentation for a client. What’s more, two users can simultaneously log in to the same computer, a feature we found rare in other reviewed solutions. If some of the teammates can’t join a session, you have the option to record sessions and save them to your local computer for future use.

Additionally, the company offers Splashtop AR, a virtual field service support feature that utilizes augmented reality with mobile camera sharing. Another feature, Splashtop Connector, allows IT administrators to remotely access computers inaccessible via internet access or third-party applications. Both features are available for Enterprise plan users on request.

Splashtop also offers comprehensive remote support and endpoint management features, including multicomputer management, remote wake and reboot, customizable technician alerts, support queue, and unattended Android access. On the Enterprise plan, end users can connect directly with a technician simply by clicking on the “SOS Call” button to get quick support.

Having remote teams can leave you susceptible to security risks. Splashtop mitigates those risks through a series of security measures. It offers 24/7 intrusion detection and defense mechanisms, two-factor authentication, screen blanking, multilevel password security, view-only remote access, automatic screen locking, idle-session timeout, and remote connection notifications. We also appreciate that you can set up user roles and permissions to limit user access to specific computers and devices.

Spalshtop also offers Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender. The anti-malware and antivirus security capability is an add-on service available to users. With the new Splashtop technology, MSPs and IT teams can better protect their users on multiple devices by securing endpoints and enabling secure remote access.

Splashtop recently acquired Foxpass, a cloud-based provider that increases access to solutions for IT and DevOps systems through identity-centric technology. The acquisition will improve security for Splashtop customers and integrate with identity providers such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace and Okta. This helps fill the current need for Splashtop users to gain access to elevated security and password-less systems. This type of security is important for teams that use remote PC access, especially in today’s remote-first work environment.

Splashtop is also available for Syncro — a platform for professional services automation and remote monitoring and management — thanks to the introduction of its new Team plan. With this change, Syncro partners will have access to an enriched Splashtop tool suite, allowing them to remotely support clients via one-click access on the Syncro platform for seamless troubleshooting capabilities. Partners can also utilize multi-monitor support and increase high-speed remote access capabilities via end-user remote access licenses, allowing clients to work from anywhere.

These capabilities, among others, aid in increased productivity for users, boost opportunities for collaboration among teams and expand a business’s capabilities.


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