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Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and recently Tata Play started offering access to it on its Smart Binge service as well. Netflix plans start at Rs 149 per month in India, as the company had reduced the prices last year.

If you are new to a Netflix subscription, here are six tips on how to use the service easily.

Add a film or TV show to your watchlist

You can use Netflix’s ‘My List’ feature to add a film or TV show to your watchlist.

You have to select the film or show you wish to add to your watchlist and then click on the plus (+) icon. You have now successfully added the film or show onto your watchlist.

One can access your watchlist by scrolling down on your homepage to find the ‘My List’ row.

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You can also access it through the ‘Profiles & More’ option on the navigation bar on the mobile app and through the ‘Menu’ option on the left side of your homepage on your TV.

Set a reminder for an upcoming film

This feature is especially useful if you have been waiting for a series or movie to arrive on the platform. You can just add it to your watchlist and click on the ‘Remind Me’ option when it arrives on the platform.

The film/TV series will automatically get added to your ‘My List’ row upon release.

Netflix will notify you when the film premiers on their service.

Watch content in different languages

If you have suddenly discovered a love for K-Drama, but wish to watch these shows in English, then remember you can change the language of a video.

Just tap or click on the ‘Audio and Subtitles’ option on the bottom right side of the screen.

Select your preferred language from the range of options for audio as well as subtitles. These subtitles are customisable, you can change the font, size, colour, etc from the ‘Subtitle appearance’ option in the ‘Profile & Parental Controls’ section of your Netflix account.

Continue watching content from where you left it

If you’ve had to stop watching a film or a show halfway through, you can simply start watching it from the exact point where you left it from the ‘Continue Watching’ row on the Netflix home page.

Finding similar titles

If you’ve loved a certain movie and want to see other movies or TV shows of the same genre or with the same themes, the ‘More like this’ option allows you to do exactly that.

Just select a title that you love, click on ‘More like this’ and Netflix provides you with suggestions for similar content.

Watching on the go

Netflix allows you to download content onto your devices. Downloaded content can be streamed without an internet connection. This is very useful when traveling in a flight or taking a long journey.

Simply select the desired title and press ‘Download’ option. All downloads will be available on the bottom right on the ‘Downloads’ page.

If you are downloading a series, you can turn on Download Next Episode by tapping on the ‘Smart Downloads’ feature. This setting lets you toggle on this option where the next episode of a series is automatically downloaded for you.

Another option called ‘Downloads for You’ lets Netflix recommend which movies and shows you would like to watch and then these get saved on the device.

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