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Here’s a look at the main features that McAfee offers.

Antivirus Scanner

The Antivirus Scanner has two main types of scans: Real-Time Scanning and On-Demand Scanning. The Real-Time Scanner uses real-time malware detection to identify and block threats in real time as they occur. This means that it can detect infected files and prevent malware infections before they can do any damage to your computer or compromise your personal information.

Meanwhile, On-Demand Scanning can run an on-demand scan on a specific file, folder or software. It’s particularly useful for eliminating files that you suspect to be infected, as well as external storage devices.


Firewalls provide an additional layer of protection for your computer by controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic. It is designed to block unauthorized access to your home network and reduce the risk of malware infection.


McAfee stopped its VPN service in India after the Government of India ordered VPN providers to store users’ data for five years. The cyber security company has removed its VPN servers located in India.

Password Manager

The Password Manager can securely manage your passwords or credit card information, as well as generate complex, unique passwords for each of your accounts. It can also auto-fill your credentials, so you can log in to any account with ease.

Parental Controls

With a family plan, you’re able to monitor and protect your children with parental controls. You can view your child’s device activity and find their location on a live map from your phone or desktop. Based on their needs, you can set age-appropriate rules and time limits. Plus, your child can request extra browsing time or access to blocked websites through the family requests option.


McAfee offers a range of security features designed to protect your computer and personal data from cyber threats. Some notable features include the file shredder, which helps delete sensitive files from your computer, and Individual Protection Score, which offers a metric for your online safety. Other features include antivirus, web protection, firewall and expert online support.

Browser Extensions

McAfee WebAdvisor is a free Windows-only product. It can have anti-phishing and anti-exploit capabilities to keep you safe from malicious links and hackers. With safe browsing, you can identify safe links through a color-coded system. In addition, you can scan downloads to determine potential risks.

Identity Theft Protection

McAfee offers a range of identity theft protection features to help safeguard your personal information. The software monitors your credit report and sends alerts once it detects suspicious activity. If you lose your wallet, McAfee provides support to cancel and replace your credit cards and government-issued identification. In the event of identity theft, you can get in touch with licensed experts to help restore your identity and credit.


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