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GoTo Resolve, formerly known as GoTo Assist, is a great remote access option for business owners who need a product that offers unlimited live support without requiring customers to download software. It is a cost-effective solution for IT service companies and large businesses that combines remote access features with live ticketing and IT management functions. GoTo Resolve provides a secure connection through any standard web browser and gives users the option to download an unattended installer onto end-user devices or add the GoTo Resolve toolbar to their computer.

GoTo Resolve requires no installation; users access a remote support session from a web browser after being invited to join a session with a link or support key. The platform is both customizable and compatible with a variety of devices, like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. With a camera-share add-on, a variety of help desk features and key integrations, GoTo Resolve gives businesses the tools they need to be successful.

Users can submit tickets through a portal or by sending an email. Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams let team members submit tickets directly from their messaging solutions. Customizations also allow admins to set triggers for automation, add branding elements and define team member access levels.

In addition, GoTo Resolve’s proactive device monitoring tools automatically detect and address device issues before they escalate. The tools also offer endpoint protection software management, enabling easy management and monitoring of antivirus software through a user-friendly dashboard. Users can request status updates, initiate scans and view lists of threats. Additionally, GoTo Resolve’s automated patch management ensures Windows patches are automatically deployed to keep software up-to-date and protected against threats, without disrupting user workflows.

GoTo Resolve’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution makes it easier than ever to conduct business remotely. For companies that have employees working from their mobile devices, this MDM solution facilitates setup, manages personal and company-owned devices, and secures data all at once.  The MDM solution is available as an add-on to GoTo Resolves’ standard remote software, or as a standalone solution. GoTo Resolve’s MDM solution supports all major operating systems, enforces data protection through disk encryption, simplifies configurations, and more.

GoTo recently released several updates to the Resolve software that are designed to increase productivity and growth for businesses while keeping things simple and secure. Key upgrades include stronger security in Resolve, smooth integration with Logitech devices and AI-driven automation, which are designed to make tasks easier and enhance the customer experience.

We also are impressed with the integration options available. For example, integration with Zendesk helps GoTo Resolve users launch remote support sessions and track all of the necessary session information using the same Zendesk ticket. In addition, the integration with Google Translate makes it easier to offer multilingual support in real time to customers.


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