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AVG Antivirus Review | 2024 Antivirus Software Guide


AVG is a security software company that is now part of Avast. As a result of the merger, the product lines of both companies are also merging. While they will retain their legacy names, they are powered by the same cloud-based antivirus engine. AVG Antivirus software currently places number 10 in our rating. However, the differences between the antivirus products will cease to exist. According to Avast, the company plans to leverage AVG’s strength in the mobile and small business markets where that company is stronger. Read our AVG Antivirus review below.

Best for:

  • Real-time, AI-based protection against viruses

  • Protection against phishing

Not recommended for:

  • Speedy startups – AVG boot load can be slow

  • Freedom from upselling in the free versions

Like its cousin from Avast, AVG Antivirus provides very good antivirus, anti-phishing, and anti-ransomware protections. The free antivirus provides essential protections against such attacks. The upgraded version, Internet Security, adds protections against unauthorized remote access, ransomware, an enhanced firewall, a hardened browser, fake website protections, and scam protections. AVG Ultimate adds AVG TuneUp and AVG Secure VPN.

Both the free antivirus package and the upgraded version use the same antivirus engine, which is also shared with Avast. AVG comes in three packages. AVG Antivirus Free is free for one Windows, MacOS, Android, or IOS device. Internet Security costs $75.99 for one device for one year, but it’s currently on sale for $46.68 for the first year. 10 devices, it will cost $98.99 per year but is currently on sale for $59.88 for the first year. AVG Ultimate costs $127.99 per year for 10 devices and is on sale for $59.88 for the first year. AVG Internet Security is also available for the Macintosh.

Professional reviewers say AVG’s antivirus software scores well on virus detection tests and is good at removing persistent malware. It also includes some useful extra features that many competitors lack, including a virtual private network (VPN) in its top tier antivirus software and a tool that stops companies from tracking you online. On the downside, reviewers find AVG’s scans to be relatively slow.

AVG offers three levels of antivirus protection for Windows. Packages start with AVG Antivirus Free, which offers a good amount of protection for a free product. There’s also antivirus software for MacOS computers and Android mobile devices. In addition, AVG offers security software in the form of a VPN and anti-tracking software for Windows and Macintosh computers as well as Android and iOS devices.

  • Stops viruses and malware
  • Malware protection that watches the activity of suspect software and guards against known or suspicious websites
  • Ransomware protection that identifies ransomware through behavior, preventing changes to files and preventing the ransomware from running
  • Interruption blocking for presentations, movies and other activities
  • Sends suspicious software to the cloud for analysis, then creates a fix to send to all users
  • Smart Scan to check for problematic settings, out of date software and settings
  • Email protection for supported email clients prevents malware from being received over an email connection
  • WiFi Inspector provides intrusion detection.
  • Also available for Macintosh computers

  • $75.99 per year for one device. Now on sale for $46.68 for first year
  • $98.99 per year for ten devices. Now on sale for $59.88 for first year
  • Includes the features of Antivirus Free
  • Scans for potentially unwanted apps
  • Skips files it already knows are safe
  • Real time updates
  • Link Scanner protects against unsafe links
  • Toolbar remover for potentially unsafe browser toolbars
  • Webcam protection
  • Also available for Macintosh computers

  • $127.99 per year for 10 devices. Currently $59.88 for the first year.
  • Includes everything in AVG Internet Security and AVG Antivirus Free
  • For Windows and MacOS computers, and Android and IOS devices
  • AVG Secure VPN
  • AVG TuneUp
  • AVG antiTrack
  • Battery Profile to maximize battery life
  • Device Lock for mobile devices
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Payment Protection
  • Software Updater
  • Anti-Theft for mobile devices
  • Sensitive data shield

AVG Antivirus for Android

  • Free download
  • Android antivirus
  • Anti-theft phone tracker
  • App Lock
  • Camera Trap

AVG Mobile Security for iPhone & iPad

  • Free download
  • Does not include antivirus
  • WiFi connection check
  • VPN
  • Identity protection
  • Encrypted Photo Vault
  • In-app upgrade to pro version available

The following are the renewal prices for AVG’s antivirus software.

  • AVG Antivirus Free: Free for one Windows PC per year
  • AVG Internet Security: $75.99 a year for one device or $98.99 a year for 10 Devices 
  • AVG Ultimate: $127.99 a year for 10 devices

Free Version:

Operating Systems:
Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

AVG vs. Avira 

Whether AVG or Avira is best depends on who you ask. Some professional reviewers liked AVG better than Avira while some didn’t. There’s not even agreement on which did a better job of finding viruses and malware. Digging deeper into the reviews showed that most differences stemmed from custom developed test software, not actual malware. When looking at more standard testing, both products were essentially equal. The biggest difference between them was in price once you got away from the free levels. AVG costs slightly less on a per-machine basis, mainly because it sells its multiple license packs in units of 10, while Avira does so in units of 5 at a slightly higher unit cost.

AVG vs. Trend Micro 

Once again, determining which antivirus is better depends on who you ask. In addition, some non-performance scores affected the outcome of professional reviews, including a now-discontinued practice by AVG’s owner, Avast, to sell user data. When looked at strictly on its capability as an antivirus product, AVG consistently scored higher in professional reviews. AVG’s free version was praised by reviewers for being a complete, fully functioning product. Reviewers called the free version a decent antivirus package with a number of useful capabilities. Trend Micro doesn’t have a free version, and on a price per user basis, was slightly more expensive than AVG. Both products worked well in handling their primary jobs of finding and eliminating viruses and malware and in preventing attacks.

Similar Antivirus Software

All AVG antivirus packages include a host of highly effective antivirus and malware protections. However, AVG antivirus software lacks some cybersecurity features that many other antivirus software vendors include, most prominently a VPN. Instead of a single all-inclusive solution, AVG sells a number of different cybersecurity protections that can be used on their own or with its antivirus software.

AVG says it updates its virus definitions more than 100 times a day. More complete software updates are issued several times a year, typically every month according to AVG. All virus definitions and software updates are conducted automatically and invisibly to the user.

Users can temporarily disable AVG antivirus software by using AVG’s “passive mode”. AVG advises that while passive mode is activated, your devices will be vulnerable to attacks. However, some users may want to use passive mode to allow other antivirus software to run alongside AVG for extra protection.

In order to uninstall AVG antivirus software, you will need to use the AVG setup Wizard, the same program used to originally install all AVG products. Users can also try AVG’s special uninstall utilities found on the AVG website.

Other Antivirus Software

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