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8 tricks to improve security, privacy of your phone | Technology News


Even before the Covid-19 pandemic forced many of us to work from home, our smartphones had a huge amount of confidential data store on them. From bank account information, digital wallets, official documents to access to our social media, everything is stored on the smartphone. This makes it essential to prevent our confidential information from falling into wrong hands.

Here are eight simple tips and tricks that will help you boost the security and privacy of your smartphone.

A strong passcode for your phone and social media apps

As we live in a world where wearing masks has become almost mandatory and unlocking the smartphone becomes a problem. You should have a passcode not just for your smartphone but separate passcodes active social media apps, banking apps logged in it as well. Even if someone finds your phone accidentally unlocked, he/she will not be able to access the apps.

Update your software regularly

You should not ignore notifications for software updates like you ignore notifications from shopping or gaming apps. Updating your smartphone’s software (Android or iOS) helps you reduce the risk of malware malfunction.

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use

Most of the smartphone users have Bluetooth turned almost 24/7 whether it’s connected to wireless earphones, wearable fitness trackers, or while using the hands-free option in your car. However, if it’s not connected to a device you should turn off Bluetooth as others can try and access your information, intercept your calls, and misuse media.

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Avoid rooting, jailbreak your device

Even though rooting your android device or jailbreaking your iPhone has its own perks including options for customisation, downloading unapproved apps among others, it may make your device vulnerable to hacking. Sticking to the original operating system may be a good idea after all.

Encrypt your data

From passwords to our bank accounts to office documents to personal information, almost everything is store on a smartphone these days. This gives you all the more reason to encrypt data on your device. Both android and iOS have the option where you can encrypt data on your phone. Even if a hacker or a thief gets hands on your phone, accessing your data will not be easy at all.

Use an anti-virus

Like you used to install anti-virus on your personal computers and laptops, they can be installed on your smartphone as well. The anti-virus can prevent your device from malware, malicious websites, viruses, and hacking attempts. There are various options available for you to choose an anti-virus. Few include free access to the VPN as well.

Don’t just download any app

You should be skeptical about which apps to download on your devices even if it is from the official app store. Try looking at reviews and official websites of these apps to find out its legitimacy.

Beware of third-party apps

Don’t just download any apk file sent to you to android a particular app or suggested on a particular website. These apps may work as a breeding ground to steal your confidential information. Sometimes, these apps demand updates that are of malicious intent as well. Downloading these third-party apps should be avoided.


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