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One of the many reasons behind WhatsApp’s success is its simplicity – the app is designed to cater to people from all age groups, so it’s quite easy to get started with. However, the service has been gaining features steadily over the years and there’s now a lot more to it than meets the eye. We’ve dug deep into the app and picked out some useful features that you may have missed.

Privately reply to a message in a group chat

The first instinct if you wish to reply to a message in a group chat privately would be to forward the message to the person in question. That involves you searching for the one-on-one chat from your list of contacts, though, which isn’t the best way to go about it. Instead, you can do the following:

On Android, press and hold on a message in a group chat, tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right, and select Reply Privately. Just start typing out your reply then – your text will appear as a reply to a specific message.

iOS has a slightly different process for this. Press and hold on a message in a group chat, Select More, and hit Reply Privately.

Send a voice message hands-free

If you are someone who sends out a lot of voice messages, you must at some point have realised that holding down on the mic icon is tiring. It’s also frustrating when your hand slips off while you’re recording and an incomplete story gets sent through. These annoyances can be fixed with the following feature:

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Tap and hold on the mic icon in any chat and then swipe up to lock. You’ll see the familiar text field get replaced by an interface designed for voice messages. Here, you’ll be able to pause your recording mid-way, preview it, send it, or delete it.

Send bold or italic text

Texting differs from speech because you cannot get your tone across easily. Certain words may need to be stressed upon, and caps and punctuation may not always fit. In this case, WhatsApp’s got you covered with bold, italic, and strikethrough text editing features.

Add an asterisk (*) on either side of the word to make it bold, add an underscore (_) on either side to make it italic, and add tildes (~) on either side for strikethrough.

Mark chats as unread

Do you often open a chat, accidentally or otherwise, and then forget to reply? If that’s got you into sticky situations because you missed out on something important, then marking chats as unread can help.

On Android, simply hold down on a chat, tap on the three dot menu, and hit Mark as unread. The process is easier on iOS, where you only need to swipe left to right on a chat to mark it as unread.

Clear all chats

Want to clear your messy chat list and start from scratch? WhatsApp on iOS lets you do so from Settings > Chats > Delete All Chats. This won’t just wipe off the content from a chat – you’ll have to start a new chat for every contact as well.

On Android, the easiest way to delete all your chats is by clearing the data for the WhatsApp app and not restoring your data.

See how long you’ve been ignored

Getting left on read is annoying, but if you wish to see for how long you were left on read, then WhatsApp lets you do that with its message info feature.

On Android, press and hold on a specific message sent by you, tap on the three dot menu at the top and hit Info. On iOS, swipe right to left on a message sent by you to reveal the time it was seen.

Speed up voice message playback

If a voice message feels like a drag, you can speed up its playback by 1.5x or 2x to get to the end sooner. Simply tap the play icon on a voice message, then tap on the 1x icon that shows to make it 1.5x faster. Tap on the same icon again to make it 2x. This will not change the pitch of the person.

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