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Google Docs is a free word processor available to all Gmail users. This web-based service offers a range of features that make it one of the best word processors, and Google continues to add new capabilities to keep it relevant. If you’re a Google Docs user, here are some simple tips to supercharge your experience:

While Google Docs is web-based, it also offers dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you can access it from any device with a decent internet connection. By downloading the Google Docs app on your phone, you can draft and edit Word files on the go.

Collaborative editing

Google Docs features collaborative editing, allowing multiple people to access a single document simultaneously. The document’s creator has complete access, and additional users can be given editing permissions as needed. It also offers a ‘suggesting’ feature that clearly indicates all edits made to the document. Users can react to Google Docs with emojis in the comments section. It also has built-in speech-to-text capability, where, users can dictate content instead of typing.

Use AI features

Google Docs has recently added new generative AI features. These features enable users to summarize meeting notes (requires access to your email), draft an email within the document, and copy and edit content within Google Docs.

Download the Google Docs offline extension

The Google Docs offline extension is available on the Chrome Web Store. It allows users to create documents without an internet connection. Keep in mind that these documents won’t be uploaded to the cloud and won’t have access to various features, which require an active internet connection.

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Utilise the compare document feature

Google Docs offers a handy compare document feature that allows users to compare two documents with ease. It creates a new document containing data from both documents. Additionally, Google allows users to customize the dictionary by adding new words, which can be included in the personal dictionary feature.

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