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5 tips and tricks to fix the most annoying things about your wireless earbuds | Technology News


Truly wireless earbuds (TWS) may be the most popular form of wireless earphones on the market, but they too have their fair share of problems. In fact, wireless earbuds can act strangely at times, from being unable to pair with a device to distorted noise, making it difficult to use the earbuds. Here are five of the most occurring issues with wireless earbuds, along with quick and simple resolutions to overcome those hurdles.

Unable to pair TWS

This issue could arise due to several reasons, and both TWS and the smartphone could be at fault. One of the best troubleshooting tips for this issue is to ensure that the phone and the earbuds are not paired to another device, as most phones and wireless earphones can only connect to a single device at once. Also, make sure that Bluetooth on your phone is enabled. Some smartphones automatically disable Bluetooth pairing mode when not in use to reduce power consumption, and one has to manually re-enable Bluetooth to pair a new device.

Another way to fix this issue is by pairing and unpairing the earbuds with another smartphone. If you are unable to pair the buds even with a secondary smartphone, then there could be some issue with the earbud itself. Similarly, if you were able to make a successful connection between the two, then your phone might have some issue, ranging from an incompatible Bluetooth version to an issue with the operating system. By manually trying out these steps, you can easily diagnose and troubleshoot the earbuds to get them up and running.

Patchy audio quality

As Bluetooth connection has a limited range and bandwidth, if you are experiencing patchy audio, it could be due to the distance between the buds and the smartphone. Most earbuds (TWS) will have a range of around 10 meters, so make sure that the phone and the earbuds are well within that range.

Can’t charge wireless earbuds

If your earbud is already a couple of years old, then it’s natural for them to lose some functions due to wear and tear, which includes not being able to charge. If you are unable to charge due to a faulty port, and if you have an earbud with wireless charging support, you can use a Qi-certified charger to recharge them. Similarly, make sure that there are no foreign particles in the charging port and that the charging pin is making a proper connection with the port.

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Hearing audio on only one bud

This is a common issue found in budget wireless earbuds, as one bud connects to the phone and acts as a bridge to the other earbud. If the earbuds fail to make a connection with the other earbuds, it means the audio could be limited to a single earbud. This issue can be resolved by unpairing and repairing the earbud. Follow the instructions in the TWS manual to unpair the earbud and re-pair your smartphone. This could simply mean taking out both earbuds from the case and putting them back in at the same time or long-pressing a button on the charging cradle.

Battery isn’t lasting longer

If your earbuds are running out of juice more quickly than they are supposed to, it could be narrowed down to a few problems. If they are truly old earbuds, there is nothing you can do about this. However, if they are brand new, try disabling active noise cancellation, if they support it, and you may experience a significant improvement in battery life. Similarly, if there are any special modes like gaming mode, try to disable them, as these also consume quite a lot of battery compared to the general mode.


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